What's going on in your shop?

Daniel Macina

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@luciusx5 That looks like it gonna be great.
@Daniel Macina I would be careful runny the clay that close to the edge and that thick or it could just be the pic and I don't know what I'm talking about. lolo

It’s not very close to the edge I put a very then initial wash over the whole blade and a little washed off closer to the edge that made it look closer to the edge then it is. It might have very well been to thick I don’t know. Picked up a nasty crack in the quench right on the tang so if it makes anything it’s just going to be a small shop knife.

Sean Jones

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After Abbott so kindly provided me with a table for my Milwaukee band saw I neglected to post pics. So here's a couple photos. The vise is an old Harbor Freight adjustable vise that really isn't all that good but suffices for this setup. I could remove it from the vise but after spending time getting it level etc. I doubt I will. It's working remarkably well!

Thanks Abbott!!