Tod Lowe

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Heres my first. I really gave up on it after I found out the cold rolled structural steel I used wasnt good for knives.:eek: I followed a tutorial called the absolute cheapskates way to make a knife.:D Not much has still cheap.:D
First knife

This is my first knife. I made it in 2004,It's ATS-34 heat treated by Paul Bos. with Buffalo horn and red liners.45fdcdc9_590812.jpg
This next knife is my 100th knife made in 2007. It's ATS-34 heat treated by Paul Bos, with green canvas Micarta.




Here are my first two knives. The first one, made in 1976, was an old file beaten out on my fathers anvil with an old kerosene blow lamp for a heat scource. The second one was made in 1979 out of a piece of 01 tool steel with hacksaw and files. Both handles are local Mallee wood.

this is the first complete knife i made, it was made for a Necker kith over on British Blades forum in 2008

Stock removal from a piece of American Damascus billet, lacewood scales and white fiber liners, if i recall correctly the dimensions are 3 1/4" blade 7" overall

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Erin Burke

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There are firsts and there are firsts.

Below is a photo of the first "knife" I can recall making. I think I was about 15 at the time. I don't know what the steel is... and I'm pretty sure it's not hardenable. I heated it with a rosebud tip on an acetylene torch and beat it out with a hammer using the back of my dad's bench vise as an anvil. The handle is some sort of leather.

Twenty years later, and the following is the first real knife completed... completed almost one year ago.

I'm working on no. 8 now.


note: Nos. 1-7 can be seen in my GALLERY.


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Bringin er back from the dead,

I will post my first and second because they were made side by side about 4 months ago... I have 4 sitting on the grinder waiting to be finished... and about 25 more in my sketch book, lol. Mind you these are the first 2 I still have, I started about a year ago and junked everything I did for a while after beating them to death then doing break tests... now that I have an electric HT oven and a 2x72 Im pretty confident in my process...

Here is my first made from 3/16" 1080 and homemade black n blue denim micarta.

Here is My second made using L6 with homemade black n tan homemade micarta... The blade has a DEEP etch to prevent corrosion, has cleaned about 7 different saltwater species and several fresh water and is still hair poppin sharp.

Chris Martin

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How did I ever miss this. Man, you guys sure know how to make a rookie feel inferior. Great looking first knives guys!

Here is my humble 1st.....Finished a couple months back.

Its amazing to see what you guys are producing these days. I hope a year or two from now my blades look like they came from the factory! I still have a LONG way to go:eek:cool 1



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First Knife

Rosewood, nickle silver bolsters and junk steel from Home Depot. Filed by hand with the help of a portable belt sander turned upside down and held with one hand while the knife was held by the other-fun anyway! .... But not so much fun that I'm gonna do another without a belt grinder!



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My first, made by me with a little help from Tai Goo. OK, a lot of help. OK, I kinda mostly watched during the forging part. ;)

My second and third, also made with Tai's patient assistance:



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Here is my first knife, but it was made with a LOT of help at a Bark River Grind-In. So not really completely made by myself.

But this is what got my juices flowing about knife-making, and very soon after that grind-in, I bought a Grizzly grinder. All I could afford at the time. And this is my first knife completely made by my hand. Black micarta with a couple small mosaic pins, convex ground. Steel is a hardened Toro bedknife from a greens mower.



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Some pretty nice knives on this thread for first knife. Don't know if I should show my knives. This is the first two made in 1985 from O-1.
Hope I'v improved some.

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here is my FIrst knife

here is the first I did. made from a old saw blade blank i bought down by SIlver Dollar City about 18 years ago. i made a couple more but then did not make any until a couple years ago.



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Great thread for rookies like me

I like this thread but wish the "Official First Knife Picture Thread" were made a "sticky" listed near the top of Knife Picture Gallery Thread. Easier to find that way.

Mark Redmon

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My first from about 2 years ago:

It's A-2 and buffalo horn. I don't remember what the poorly spaced pin material was... might have used stainless corbys on this one. It was supposed to be flat ground/filed, but I couldn't keep the files straight from pass to pass so I ended up convexing it on my 1x42... it's so nice to have a real grinder now!



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Heres my first knife. Bought the blade from a popular auction site and picked up the lacewood from woodcraft store. I finished it this weekend and already have 3 more blades to turn into a finished product!