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  • sorry to take so long. sanford is half way between raleigh and fayetteville. no 1/8 rod in 316L but i have 316L tubing with a 5/32" outside diameter.
    i don't know where Sanford,NC. is. But look in the NC Guild and see if there is someone close. Do you have 1/8 inch rod to go with the 316L for pins??
    good morning,
    newbie knife maker in Sanford,NC. i am working to get pictures of my current knives onto the forum. any knife guild members in this area? saw your post about 416ss. cant find that, but have 316L in numerous sizes. I can also get pieces of H13. if interested in trading, I have dogwood and spalted maple pieces that could be made into handles.
    have a good day,
    Art, I joined Knife Dogs today. Your work really caught my eye. Very nice. Are you exhibiting at or attending the Blade show? I'll be there. I think my table is 18-R.
    If you are there, I hope to meet you. Either way, best wishes in all your endeavours!
    Paul Granger
    You will have to call sometime and stop by 704-787-9275 We are having a knife guild meeting today at Troy NC at MCC.
    Hello. I am from Oakboro, NC just next door from Concord. Very nice knife
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