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  • Greetings Chris, my relatives down your way say they are ready to start building boats. We have been getting the same storms when they pass through oklahoma, they make their way North east to where we live now. I have had enough of rain for awhile.
    I dont know about pro. I haven't been doing it very long. Stormdrane now he is a pro. I sent him a message on another forum. He said he would check out our group and maybe put up some tutorials.
    Glad you joined lanyard tyers. Let everybody you know who might be interested in joining.
    Almost forgot, I'm picking up a new "Battle Ready" Pirate Cutlass in a few days. I'm gonna post three pics in my Weapons Album in about 10 minutes,,,see what you think.
    Hey Chris; I'm just about finished with a new sheath for my EDC Scalper. When it's done, I'll put it in my weapons Album so you can see it. It'll probably be 3-4 days.
    How's it goin Chris? I just got another snowstorm. This makes 3 in two weeks. Wanted to let you know if you're interested in seeing some of my work, I finally set up acouple of Albums at my Profile area. Talk at you later.
    Yeah I know how it is. Our hometown down there panics if they get more than 3". I don't know what they use now, but "back in the day" our town didn't have snowplows, so the city Roadgrader was used, and for obvious reasons, they only plowed the two "main drags" through town, going North to South and East to West. Couldn't plow residential areas with a huge grader so they didn't get plowed, and some of the streets were and still are layed with brick instead of pavement and the blade would destroy the brick streets. Good to hear from you. "Aho".
    Hey Chris, my relatives called and said Kay County got some snow. We got a blizzard up here in Missouri, (9 inches). We had to put off Christmas for 1 1/2 days, but finally got it taken care of once we got "dug out". How was your holiday?
    hey there - u made a comment on my Japanese Santoku "can't wait to see it". Is there something wrong with the picture?? I can see the pic - if you can't, I need to figure out why.
    Thanks for looking.
    Hey Chris; Unfortunately, I don't get back to Oklahoma as often as I wished. Been 2 1/2 years since I last got to visit my relatives down there. Work, Finances, etc. seem to get in the way. Luckily, several of them are able to come up here occasionally. Good to hear from you. Scalphunter.
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