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  • I'm going to wrap the handle with brass wire above and below the head, and brass tacks down the length of the handle. I'm also thinking about "antiquing" the head to give it that "old look." When I'm done I'll post an updated photo.
    Greetings Poco, I've got a new "Hawk" coming in the mail in three or four days. If you want to see a photo of it, go to the new tomahawk section on the main page and check out the thread. "O s'da su'hv'he'i Ugi'na'li" (Good Evening My Friend)
    ok, well thanks anyways, as i see it i would need the same tools for blacksmithing ( except the anvil and hammers) as i would need for stock removal.
    hello poco, i have come to a crossroads, and can not decide what to do, i am split between Blacksmithing or forging knives, and Stock removal, can you help me choose?
    Yep, my forge got WAYY to hot, the tip melted off i was just too late, if only my brother had gotten those vice grips instead of me getting them.
    Powwow season begins usually around Memorial Day weekend, and they are held all over the US. I started getting my dance regalia organized last weekend. I already have five or six I'm planning on dancing in so far. Most of them so far, are in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. I just had surgery 2 weeks ago, (had a nickel sized tumor taken out of my back) so I have a pretty big hole in my back that has to heal, but I think it will in time for dance season. Plus, the tumor turned out to be beneign, so I was pleased about that.
    Greetings Poco,,what is new in your world? I'm picking up a new "battle ready" sword on Monday. "O' s'da su'na hv'i Ugi'na'li" (Good Evening Friend)
    "O' s'da su'na le' i' Ugi'na'li" (Good Morning Friend) What is new in your world? I'm patiently waiting for warm weather, so the Powwow and fishing seasons will begin.
    Poco they are doing two give aways. One on Bill Coyes sub forum and one at midwest knifemakers forums go get in on them tonight.
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