What's going on in your shop?


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Yep Boss - that shows why R&D costs so much money, and that's just the material not including the time involved.


Making a mistake the first time is an opportunity to learn, the second time, a reinforcement. Make the same mistake repeatedly, though, and people whisper. :)


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OK, I finally broke down and ordered 2 gallon of Parks 50 from USAKnifemakers. In the past I never did much with carbon steel so I used canola oil as quench liquid. Since I've started working with Damascus 'n San Mai more I decided I needed the proper quench oil. USAKnifemakers really came thru - ordered late last week and delivered today. Shipped same day and UPS got it here pretty quick. Here's a dagger I'm working on. Lighting really bad causing shadows on the etch.



Nice work, guy! I love building my own tools too.

Here's a crumby photo of what's on my bench at the moment. I'm making this one for my son who just earned his eagle scout award to commemorate the occasion. I got the blade ground last night, but didn't get any pics. Still a little ways to go, but it's coming along.

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Really nice looking knife! As a scouting guy, congratulations to your son for his hard work achieving the Eagle rank!

Bruce McLeish

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Yesterday I made a Damascus thumb stud for a folder I'm working on:

And I mounted my bench vise to an old drill press base/column so now my vise is adjustable height and has compound swivel capability:

I hereby take back everything i said about you (joke , don't ya know !) That is being one smart dude, dude. I'm lovin it.