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    Peters heat treatment

    I use and am quite happy with Peters heat treat. CW
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    The report from the Mayo Clinic

    Best wishes Ed, Keep us posted. CW
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    contact wheel questions.

    I can tell you from personal experience that both are great to a experienced knifemaker. Personally I would probably prefer Poly if it were just me in the knifeshop. But recently a 5" poly wheel I found had really grooved up corners and sides of the poly. I found a in-experienced friend had...
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    Bread knife from bandsaw blade.

    Man that looks nice. I like how you left the bandsaw teeth. Lets people know what it was in its former life. Plus you could use it to cut something harder that you did not want to use your scallops on. CW
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    GRS Gravermeister and engraving scope

    Mike Sorry my friend, I got the gravermeister from Goldsmithy in a trade several months ago. I dont think its available anymore. CW
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    OK Dogs, get over there and vote!

    Just went and done just that. CW
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    Going Full Time...

    Holy Crap, Cant believe you finally went and did it. Super congrats and I cant wait to catch up with you again at Blade this year. CW
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    Cool find , but need a little help

    I just checked out the links Josh linked. It appears all the diagrams show the AC power going to the Red master on/off switch. And the motor wires (Blue and brown I am guessing) go to the Fwd/Rev switch. Goodluck CW
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    Digital Height Gauge

    Wait and get the carbide edge one, Buy once. I use mine to scribe all kinds of stuff. I just scribed the bottom of a kydex holster yesterday that needed 3/4 cut off of it for a shorter barreled gun. I mostly use it to scribe two lines on the edge before grinding though. The reason I say get the...
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    Making some ofset hammers

    They look nice I have always wanted to try one of those style hammers. CW
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    Satin and Matte finishes by Blasting and Tumbling

    I usually used Half glass beads and half aluminum oxide as my favorite go to Bead blast formula. I forget right now the grit size but can get back to you. CW
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    Im the new dude

    You should pick it up pretty easily I have a feeling. WHere you out of in NC? CW
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    kirinite Beer Claw

    I dig it. Nice design. CW
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    Been busy building tools

    Excellent job on the forges and the tools. CW