What's going on in your shop?

Thanks guys. I'm really enjoying finding and processing the wood. My wife got herself set up to use cactus juice. It's pretty fun to have a whole new side project that she's really gotten into.

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Just finished this one up, need to get a sheath made and it's done! Forged W2, green and black g10 liners, stonewashed finish, curly koa and a tapered tang.

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Picked up a new quench tank while in Utah. I have been looking for one of these that didn't cost $50. Found it at an Ace hardware for $18.

Blanked out some hunters, and a bird and trout this afternoon. The 2 on the left are 1075 and will have a hamon. The 4 on the right are out of 1084.
I am not going to lie. I'm tiered of making these hunters. Once these are done it will be time to move on to new things.
Here is the latest finished knife, at this pace I should finish 3 this year...LOL

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Here is the latest finished knife, at this pace I should be able to make 3 knives this year...LOL


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Justin that knife looks great. The hamon looks good. What kind of handle material is it? I am usually not a huge fan of man made material. But those scales look great.
Justin that's a beautiful setup! I got some finished up the last few days. First is a 6" fillet in 0.070 aeb-l and hybrid scales.
Next is an 8 1/2" fillet in 0.070 aeb-l and curly, spalted maple burl sourced locally and stabilized in cactus juice by my wife.
Lastly I re-handled a kitchen knife in white oak stabilized in house with a blue/green ctek inlay and orange g10 liners and spacers.

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Added a 3 axis DRO's to my mini mill.

I've been wanting to do this since I got it. Shouldn't have waited so long. Best upgrade I've made yet.

I checked them against my Interapid dial indicator and they are right on. Plenty good enough for what I need.

It took a bit more work than I anticipated. Some fabricating, plenty of drilling and tapping and LOTS of making sure everything is square and parallel.

Not bad for about $125



I made a small stropping wheel yesterday.



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Pretty happy with how this one is turning out. It is 1084 differential heat treated. Not even etched and the hamon sticks out like a sore thumb.


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I just finished this damascus blade. Now for fittings and a handle. Getting this one ready for the Blade show.

Getting ready to tape these guys up and start shaping. Sorry for the Acetone smears. I don't worry about getting them much cleaner until they are finished. Handle from top to bottom. African Blackwood, Koa, Curly Maple, and some Walnut that I can't wait to see finished.

We'll see how much I get done tonight.
One down three roughed in. That walnut is crazy. I can't get a good picture. It was soaking up the oil like crazy. 13 more coats and it will really shine.
really great looking knives, Ty. I have had the same issue with walnut. The stuff is rock hard but will absorb it's weight in oil. I went searching for tips and tricks and discovered that this is a known characteristic of walnut and gun stock makers who do a lot of walnut seal it first. I gave that a shot and it really did simplify the finishing process greatly. I used Birchwood Casey "Sealer and Filler" first. Sand back to bare wood, then TruOil. Really helped me get a smooth finish without needing all 834 coats of oil I had been doing previously.