What's going on in your shop?

Ouch! Good thing the bone was in the way. Hopefully you didn't cut any tendons. That will make for faster healing and a timely return to the shop. Can I ask what happened?
Sorry just saw this. It's kinda embarrassing but maybe it'll be a reminder that things can happen fast. I was running a 9" chef vertical, tip down on a scotch brite belt. I rolled it a little on the platen idler wheel and it caught the corner of the heel/ choil. It was like a gunshot. Just bam, knife in the hand. I lucked out, could have been much worse.

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scotch abrasive belts and buffing wheels...two things that recently have been put on the dangerous list(when used on blades). I had a buffing wheel grab a blade and just twist it quickly...didn't bleed much , is healed up, and still hurts?

That indeed could have been much worse.
Started on my shop ceiling today. Yesterday, I picked up the material at the supplier, all 1900 lbs of it and carried it into the shop one piece at a time! Bout wore me out! I decided on 26 gauge metal roofing as most of my shop has trusses on 5' centers. I was scared the cheaper 29 gauge would sag once I blow cellulose in on top of it. The part in the pic has a storage loft floor above it, so it's got normal spacing, but everything else will be 5' apart. I only got the first 2 pieces in today, they had to be cut for access to the loft, but the rest should go in with no cuts. Of course, like everything else, this will take forever to finish!
shop ceiling.jpg
That is going to be a beautiful shop! I like the color change and stripe at the top. The cleats came out very nice. Good visual in there!
i've been busy busy busy going in a hundred directions lately. My daughter began competing in 4H Rifle this year. Not knife related, but a fun project. It's also nice to put my knifemaking tools to other uses sometimes.

I put aperture sights on her Sporter rifle which required milling a relief. Williams, unfortunately, doesn't make a globe sight for the front so I got creative. I drilled the front sight and inserted a fiber optic rod.




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I thought it would be fun if my daughter and I attended an Appleseed shoot together. I did the same mod to my rifle. I also needed to correct the length of pull for the standing position. The toe of my rifle's butt pad digs directly into my chest / shoulder in the offhand position. I decided to make a custom butt plate to kill two birds with one stone.






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it's been a whirlwind lately. Two knives i sent to South Korea took the scenic route through Brazil, where they sat in customs for a month. Just when I'd given up hope and resigned myself to the idea I'd be making two more knives for free, they suddenly turn up in China. Yesterday they made it to the customer in Korea.

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That is going to be a beautiful shop! I like the color change and stripe at the top. The cleats came out very nice. Good visual in there!

Thanks Ted. Got a couple more up today, but had to go into work. I think the best part about a ceiling like this is that I don't have to paint it!
no knives this week. did finish this:
oak and walnut kitchen island. frame is red oak 3x3. drawer fronts are red oad with black walnut pulls. top is black walnut with 12x12 granite inlay. is on wheels, made to fit in the spot where broken dishwasher sat
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Finished up these two chef knives. The western is the one that shot off the grinder into my hand.

Fresh off the grinder with this prototype blade. Really happy with it. On to hand sanding.

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very nice work, Scott! we don't even use our dishwasher so this makes great use of space.

Josh, those look excellent. i'm a huge fan of flat bellies on chef knives. gorgeous.

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