What's going on in your shop?


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Finally finished my USAknifemaker liner lock template knife. And thanks to Frank Niro, my next liner lock will be 100 times better. Awesome advice from that veteran.
I like the knife I made, but there are some very obvious flaws that I will know how to avoid next time. Mainly, I took off too much material on my liners early on and then when I was fitting the scale material I ran out of some needed room. Learn as you go!

O1 tool steel blade.
USAknifemaker thumb shredder
.080 titanium lock side
.090 stainless steel for the other scale.
Peel ply camo g10 scales
Deep ride pocket clip, which I love and will be buying more.

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wall e

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Thanks DanielThe bottom three are the latest ones am thinking I am getting the hang of this . Lol
This is the stack that is headed to meridian blades.

I like the pair you have shared. Is the stag one a bull nose? The picture looks like it is.
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wall e

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More of the AEB-L bug has bitten me. 1 skinner 3 edc are about to be sent to ht this week.
Yes I know they are not that curvy. Was asked to make 2 edc tools for my neighbors and the 3rd I may try an sell if it turns out clean and proper to put my name on for a tool, not a cheap ugly sharp thing. Lol
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Daniel Rohde

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I've been busy busy busy! I should probably update some of my folder threads....I seem to go SO darn slow though! Takes forever to figure this out....and then you figure it out and think"why was that so difficult?!!" anyway I'm learning so I'm happy! I think I'm starting to understand the slip joint relationships and how they work much better! I'm hooked! the frame lock isn't to bad either.....

But did get some time for fun


Justin Presson

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Looking good Daniel!!

I have not worked on much but decided to start this beast yesterday. I got it rough profiled, this thing is massive.



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Hell of a cleaver there Justin!
I too finally got something done out in the shop.
Here are the first 2 completed knives for 2016.
AEB-L and Denim Mycarta

and here are a couple 1911 holsters I did about a month ago

Thanks for looking!