What's going on in your shop?


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Two coming off the bench today. the first one is a hunter in 1084 with giraffe bone handle. White liners and nickel silver pins.

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The second one is a neck knife. Overall length is 4.75 inches. Alabama Damascus. Black G10 and Juma. Red liners and spacers. Black pins.
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Nice little crossdraw sheath for it.

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I love this neck knife, really great lines. Don't etch spine, brings more uniqueness.

Bruce McLeish

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Thanks Bruce. I'm really liking those Vallorbe files. Also finally attached some golf balls to 'em for handles. That's made a world of difference for comfort.
Yeah, as always, good tools are essential for your top line work. Keep up the practice, you'll be amazed how fast you progress. Also, try just small changes in the angles of the files for some surprising changes in the design.
I've got a new design I'll show you in a bit.