What's going on in your shop?


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Just soaked some leather washers and put them on a threaded rod. I’ll use fender washers and nuts to tighten and to compress them while they are drying. I’m ready to make another leather handled knife.
Keep posting your build as it progresses, I'm interested in seeing the details.

J. Doyle

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John, I dont do many (hardly any) hidden tang knives with guards. The pins you have in the guard in that picture are for alignment or strength? My second question is how do you drill them out so they all align?

Thanks Justin. The pins are both for strength/stability and alignment. I just clamp them together in a stack and drill.

Bruce McLeish

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Thanks Bruce. The base metal is g-10....black as night....and it will stay that way forever no matter what happens to it. Lightweight, strong, no rust, no corrosion, no scratches or scuffs....permanent color.
Thanks, John . I really appreciate you responding to me with the info.