What's going on in your shop?

Casey Brown

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Yeah, that's kind of what I expected but wanted to confirm. I didn't want to hijack the thread, just get a confirmation. Thanks!

No, no. Didn't think that you were hijacking the thread. It's just an interesting topic, and people can go really in depth into how they do their hidden tangs. There are a multitude of ways to skin that cat. A lot of it is figuring out what works for you.

Jon Buescher

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Taking a swing at some San Mai for a experiment build, a camp knife, forged some 5160 down to about 3/16s ground it smooth and cleaned it, then welded some mild steel to each side and welded the sucker all the way around. Then some forging, sorry not much good at taking photos while I’m working


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Daniel Macina

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San mai is Great but I’ve had a really hard time drawing it out straight when I’ve tried it. Counting my hammer blows and everything and it still seems to always end up wonky

Sean Jones

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Finally got out in the shop today. It's been hit or miss lately. Here's the first of three small bird and trout I'm working on. I've never had too much trouble making a tapered tang, but when I go to drill the scales for a tapered tang I always mess it up, except this time. I think I've got it. Still quite a ways to go on this one though.

And drilling the bolsters. I don't know how I got along without parallels before.

My wife and daughter are after me for a couple of kitchen knives so that's next after these.

Casey Brown

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Your first fighter? Awww that’s no good. Send it to me. I’ll hide it for you so no one knows about it. :) J/k that is a sexy thang. Ironwood handle? What steel?
It is ironwood from Arizona Ironwood, LLC. The blade is forged 1084, and the guard is 416SS. I will put a 416 pin in it when I glue it up.