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Mike, I think "Go Mike" stands out and is easy to remember. I'd stick with it but, it's up to you what you want to be called. I don't really think it's the name that matters too much anyway, it's more about picking one and sticking with it... consistancy. My 2 cents....
Name reconition is very important and using your real name in the forums helps. When I was at the ABS show someone used my name and a person standing there said "Oh I have seen that name before".
I only started on forums 4 years ago when i started my own business. i worked 'in the shadows' for so long (over 30 years) for so many companies, i always said if I had my own custom knife business, it would be called Shadow Knives. It has worked fairly good.

I was thinking of going with "Ben Key", thats the pronunciation.
That would be a complete name change, so probably much confusion ?

But I do like the way it looks and sounds.
What do you think?


I think that would just add to the confusion. For example, I can imagine someone asking a question on a forum "Hey, I saw a knife on a table at a show, and wanted to find out more about Key Knives. . ." or "I saw a knife made by Ben something or other, couldn't remember his last name. . ."

Your last name is unique--people may not pronounce it correctly the first time--but it's one that will be remembered.

This is a great thread. Several times a year I see someone post a picture of a knife on a forum that is either unmarked, or has an obscure mark, with the poster trying to find out who made the knife. If someone on the forums knows the guy, the knife can usually be identified.

If not--that's a maker that just lost a sale.
Thanks, for pointing out the uniqueness of my name. I mostly see it as a stumbling block.
Les also pointed out the confusion and complexities of an AKA.
I like Tracys suggestion of M.Behnke and have decided to go with my given name.
Now I just need to make a few worthy knives and order a stamp.
I went with my real name. My wife and i have a archery business and the name is J&S lanyards .it stands for jeff and shelli. I thought of calling my knives J&S blades. But that is just an idea....
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Scott Jones
instead of Jonesy
Actually I am tired of Jonesy as a forum name anyway. Ten years ago it was ...okay. Now it just... well.......... Getting rid of a lot of "old" things lately. ;):D

Thanks Les!!! much appreciated.

One thing I find is odd on the forums is that people that use an alias sometimes assume that everyone knows who they are. A few people that live on that forum may, but most won't.
If you do use an alias and are not hiding, at least sign your posts with your first and last names. After a while most semi-regular forumites will make the connection. And anyone that is interested can know your name with no more research.
As we have seen on the "complaint" subforums in other places the use of anonymity promotes bad behaviour. Some of the trash wouldn't exist with the use of real names.
This is a great new forum!2thumbs

Legal Name Change

Les, you have a great point there. I used ReconMarine because I like talking to other Jarheads and I am more of a Recon Marine than a knife maker - so far. My real name is Jessica Alba but I thought I might get too much mail to handle. But seriously, folks. My name is Denton Eller, known mostly as Denny. Les, if you could change my forum name to Denton Eller I would appreciate it. If I can ever get my new all-in-one printer to work I'll send you a few Nam pics that are mostly very humorous ( if you so desire ).