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  • Hi Les - Are there any more ESRs available or, will you be building any in the near future?
    Also, do you still have that "29" we discussed awhile back? BTW, the fixed blade that you cleaned up for me around the same time just went to Russia.
    Hi Les, Do you have any relatives out of bluewater NM, Yuba city cal. the reason I ask is one of my uncles is named Les George? yeah, I bet you get this everywhere you go...lol
    You knives are oh so sweet! Can't wait to one comes home with me.
    Les, I just purchased a Les George " proto Pico", anything you can tell me about knife , the steel I believe is CPM D2
    Hey Les; You do real good work. Especially like the Butterflies. To bad so many states, mine included, won't allow you to possess or carry them. Scalphunter.
    Well do you think a hunting pics thread should be started? Jeff said he was hunting this weekend an it is coming up soon everywhere else.
    Well thank you Mr. Les George :D

    I have a feeling that Tracy's forum is going to have the feel that BF had several years ago when there was lots of good info floating around AND lots of guys having a good time making fun of each other! :D
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