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  • Denny, you must be a former Marine? Thank you for the message. More importantly, thank you for paving the way for our country to value the service men and women who answer the call of our politicians. God Bless!
    Good morning Denton,
    My name is Bryce Eller. I suspect we may be related as my ancestors came from Virginia thru Kentucky to Flora, Indiana.

    However, my reason for contacting you is that I am working on a makers mark for my knives and would not want to duplicate what you might be using. I am considering just the name Eller as I make some small knives that need a small logo.

    Your comments are appreciated.
    Hey Denny, this is your bro Sean. Just dropping you a line as promised so you would be sure to have my link. Again, good luck with that all important paper work you have to complete tommorow. I have nothing but faith in you my brother. I will bring you those polishing stones when I see you on Tues/Wed of this week. Tell Brenda that Cyndi and I say hello. Later, Sean Heldt
    Hi Denny! Sean's wife, Cyndi, just checking out the site. My grandfather had a huge knife collection when I was growing up. I can still remember how they smelled. My grandfather and grandmother owned a tiny general store when I was a kid and one of the things they sold was pocket knives. When they got old and closed the store, they had boxes and boxes of pocket knives from the 60's and 70's just stacked up in the back of a closet. I wonder sometimes where all those knives went. They both died the year me and Sean got married so they're probably in my uncle's collection now. Hadn't thought about all that for years.
    Anyway, we love the site and hope to see yall soon.
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