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    San Francisco Bowie

    Way to go, old timer! Another beautiful piece of work.
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    New Old Timer back

    Glad to see you back and WINNING like always. I was scared you might have been wandering around Steens Mountain and got lost!
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    Bruce D. Bump MS ~ "Cattle Baron Bowie"

    Bruce, that takes my breath away! If you knew that I have COPD you'd know how dangerous that is. It is one of your most beautiful knives with a sheath that just complements it. You have certainly knocked this one out of the park! Kaye must really be proud of her artist hubby!
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    Today's EDC

    I would really like to own a real, handmade, Les George knife but I don't have a lot of money and I am considered 100% disabled by the VA and SS. So................... I probably won't get on the list to own one so I buy LG designed production knives so I can say that they were designed by this...
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    Congratulations to John Doyle! October 2016 issue of BLADE

    Congrats, John, that is one beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The carving is top shelf and the hamon is getting the best out of W-2. You have always made really great knives but you absolutely hit a homer on this one. Thank you for making it to show what "can be done".
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    Jawga, y'all

    Welcome, Rick. If you can't learn here ya got peaches for brains. If you need help just ask for it.
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    32 Battalion Commemorative Dagger

    Chris, that is a truly elegant tribute! Your craftsmanship is beyond reproach.
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    all the pretty daggers

    Wow Les, that's one fine collection you have there. As in amazing!!!
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    Don Hanson III MS ~ Pirate Folder

    Caleb, you have become a master photographer before my very eyes!
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    5160 with Stag and my shop dog.

    Outstanding design and execution, Fred. And what a nice gift for the VFD Chief. I also have a black lab/pit bull mix (a Pitador) that's about 90% lab and 10% pit bull. His name is Sarge and he loves everbody - except those who put their hands on the people he loves. He has never bitten anyone...
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    Back from a long layoff.

    Hey Shank, you were here when I joined and I really enjoyed your work and your posts. Glad to see you back and hope you are doing well.
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    Wakizashi in the works

    I truly believe you can make anything you set your mind to, Ben. I cannot wait to see the end product because I know it will be outstanding.
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    DesRosiers shop destroyed by fire

    May God help them and all knifemakers should also. Let me know where to send a donation and it will be out tomorrow.
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    A Challenge to everyone for 2016

    To do the right thing is the right thing to do. Thanks, Ed, for reminding us that we need to stop thinking of ourselves and start thinking about those whose lives we influence. What you sow you will reap 10 fold.
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    A Christmas Poem Merry Christmas to all - may your day be a Blessed one.