The art of heat treating

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Tameshigiri is one of my passions , although I am getting a little old to be swinging swords at rolled up mats , plastic bottles, Bamboo.

once you start doing it you are hooked ....... Bubba
Some things said were not very accurate I agree , but posting innacurate information may not be dishonesty but , simply they were not educated enough in thier trade or business or just plain dumb to articulate what they were trying to say Regards ............. Bubba-san

I will assume that this refers to the population in general or other instances when this topic is addressed, as referring to any of the other participants in this thread as uneducated or dumb would be in flagrant violation of the rules of this thread, as well as general guidelines and policies of Knifedogs itself, as I understand them.

Just making sure I read this correctly.
If you look at post #79 this statement was quoted, “The only thing to "catch" here is the same pitch that has been thrown by several others in this thread.”, which Bubba responded to. It refers to a “pitch” and that people in this thread have made, in the option of the writer. The writer also goes onto say that “ The pitch relates to heat treating art, science and hype. Trying to pass off art as science, theory as truth and pedaling hype are all a forms of dishonesty.”

I personally don’t see how anyone has tried to hype science in this thread, though some have expressed that they believe heat treating to be science. I think Bubba was trying to defend them and trying to say that one’s ability to articulate verbally shouldn’t necessarily detract from the essence of the points they are trying to make. I think we should try to give Bubba the same latitude and elbow room in the English language. “Uneducated” and “dumb” were just poor choices of words…

Other than that, I think this thread has played itself out for the most part. There are some other "cans of worms" on the periphery, but don't think we need to go into them on this thread.
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Thank you for the advice, but I think I got the moderation end of things for the thread. And I think it is only fair to allow folks to speak for themselves, rather than dig a hole for them, or assess their cognitive or communication skills. All that aside, I think I will give the benefit of the doubt and err on the side of presuming innocence. If a thread goes on for nine pages it must have something in it that folks want to talk about, and in the meantime other folks got to discuss some helpful heat treating questions in other threads, so it has served its purpose well.
I agree that was a bad choice of words . However, I don't take it lightly when I am called dishonest ie: liar ? I was simply defending my point

calling someone a liar is also against the rules . It is my belief that the post served its purpose and kept folks attention and a few members probably absorbed it and learned a thing or two.

Dont think we need any selective moderation .

One, I appreciate your defending me but, I am fully capable of doing that myself. I also believe this post is played out. Respectfully ...... James

calling someone a liar is also against the rules ...

Indeed, I think it probably would be, and I would be on it if I could clearly see an instance in this thread where somebody directly called a specific person a liar, in the absence of that I will also give those presumed offenders the same benefit of the doubt, I think that is pretty fair. I am also trying to be fair to this thread, despite widespread confusion about many things, it has gone on for nine pages without being a flame war so it must have a certain appeal to the visitors of the heat treat forum. Things get pretty technical quite often here, if we can keep things friendly I think one non-technical art thread for folks to express themselves is fair enough.

Edited to add: However since the general consensus is that this thread has played out and fulfilled its purpose, I will close it now.
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