Scammer Alert

Bill Coye

Knife Maker
Phard Murry from Denmark.

Remember that name.

Myself and at least one other member of Knife Dogs has been contacted from Phard Murry to purchase knives.

I've already involved the FBI as I've received a "check".

Just a heads-up.

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Sean Cochran

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Stacey Uthe

Add that name to the list. I had a knife listed on another website and was contacted by this person. I told them that knife was sold but I could do one like it. They asked for a price list so I sent one. Here is the reply I got.

"I will like to take hunters and skinners, Get back your full name,address and phone number for the payment."


Of course I didnt send my info.

mike miller

This guy went through about 3 weeks ago. Ray Kirk, SDS,Brion Tomberlin, and I got the email. Must have went through our membership list. At least he is keeping the same name, sorry Phard Murray

Bill Coye

Knife Maker
My business address, name and phone numer is all over the internet - no problem there.

Sounds like the same guy to me.