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  • Sean,
    Chris Humistons sent me an email with his address. I believe that is who I am supposed to send the knife to next. It was fun using carrying it around. Thanks.
    An electrical storm knocked our computer modem out so if there is anything you want me to do before shipping please call me at 931-332-5684


    I shipped your knife off to Patrick Tuesday. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Greetings Sean,,it's been awhile. How ya been doing? I just finished picking up two new swords awhile back. A 'battle ready" cutlass from Windlass, and a damascus steel Kodachi sword. Drop a line when you find time.
    Sean, I can email you some pictures of our latest processed Elk. One question, after looking at your pictures do want Elk that is dyed? We have been focusing on dying Elk to look like Stag.
    Hey Sean; What's going on? Just had a Blizzard here afew days ago and are finally getting dug out. How were your Holidays? Just bought a new handmade damascus kodachi sword (I collect swords too). Drop a line when you get time.
    Ken Kelley from Frenchburg Ky did a KMG Clone WIP thread over at
    Blade Forums that helped me a lot!!! You run into any issues
    get ahold of him, truely a good guy and an excellant hillbilly engineer
    Evening Sean; Anything new goin on in your "Knife World"? It's getting alittle too cold here for fishing. Waitin' for Rabbit Season. Talk at you later, Scalphunter.
    Hey Sean; It's good to see you on this forum too. Just joined recently. Be talkin' at ya. Scalphunter
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