Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

Mark Redmon

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I received my knife from Jason Good (kamikazej) yesterday. Looks like a cool little knife, and a well thought-out sheath. I'm looking forward to using it. Thanks, Jason!

BossDog & Owner
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Glued on the scales today and will try and wrap it up tomorrow. Then a sheath.


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I got mine from J. Hoffman and it is a great knife! Very happy to own it.

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Dennis Morland

I received my new knife from rasret01. His pictures do not do it any justice. It is a very nice little knife that will get used in the future. I'm very happy to own it.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the KITH.



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Put mine in the mail today for George (TacticallySharp), been busy and no time to hit up the post office.

My knife from Duncan Tipton is waiting on the sheath to be made, I told him to take his time...I want the full package :)

BossDog & Owner
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Knife is done but some scratches bother me so I have a little clean up on those, then make a sheath.

quick shot kith.jpg

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mine is done cept maybe a little cleanup and get the sheath made. 1084 . 7 1/4 OAL. 3 in .600 grit machine finish slight taper on the kirinite from the Boss.3/16 corbys and stainless tubeView attachment 48881

now with luck holding out I wont have another booboo like last year:biggrin:

Thanks Tuskbuster!

This little beauty showed up a bit ago.
A nice little hunter with classic lines that is well executed. Blue MOP Kirinite scales and double liners (nice detail) really set it off. The hand stitched leather pouch loop style sheath has a cool, unique finish I will need to learn how to do so I can repeat it.

Nice job all the way.


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I didn't participate in this but was wondering the one who did if they would be willing to show off what they received. It would be really cool to see all the knives traded. Thanks


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I received my knife from DeMo the other day . Great knife and very well made . I look forward to using it soon .

Jason Good
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