Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

Brad Lilly

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I got her finished (someone has to be last) 1084 edge quench, charcoal diamond wood scales, G10 liners and stainless pins.

Here is the catch I don't have a sheath. I plan on trying to stitch one up Monday evening however I may not be able to mail out the finished knife until later on in the week. If this is not acceptable I will withdraw my name from the KITH. I must apologise for the sheath situation, things have been crazy lately.


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Here is mine a "10 oal Tanto 5" blade 440c , hollow ground, carbon fiber handle , leather sheath , I know the blade is larger than the limit if I need to bow out let me know I didn't see it was to big till it was to late.


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Duncan Tipton

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My knife is done, however I cannot post a photo until after work tomorrow. I went camping this weekend and thought today was the 12th. It is too late in the evening to do it now. I hope you can cut me a tiny bit of slack on the deadline for the photo.

I have been so busy with stuff lately I didn't have time to finish a knife for this thing. I do however have a knife that I made last year that I never sold and was keeping for myself. If it still counts, I'd be glad to enter it. It is what I call a pocket fixed blade. Over all the entire knife may be 6-6.5 inch long. It is Aldo's 1084 with a natural/green color g10. The sheath is tandy's 8 oz veg tanned.

Like I said, let me know if this counts


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And here it's what i have done
Blade in 4mm 01 steel. Total length: 22cm, and 31mm at the widest point.
cutting edge: 10 cm
Handle white G10, Corby bolts, lanyard tube and a mosaic pin.
sheath Hard Pressed leather



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Guys here's my entry this year. Well, my secondary entry after a scales catastrophe with my first choice. This one was going to be made for me to carry with my Mountain Man muzzleloader gear.

This is one of the Boss's blades, the Colorado River, dressed in some 40+ year old black walnut I found in my cousin's lumber stash. Love the color variations in this and the Tru Oil did it justice. The pins are bronze brazing rods that have been hammered on the tops to give a rough-ish look. It was my first time doing this and I don't think I did it the right way because there are light dings around the pins now. Hope you don't mind that, I really didn't want to strip these pretty scales when that's all that is wrong.

Size: 8.5" OAL, 4" blade, 5/32" thick. 440C with rough hammermarked finish.

Sheath is on my table waiting on glue to set. Glad to be a part of this once again this year, hope the new owner gets lots of use out of this one.

Mark Redmon

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Ok guys. I have updated the list. For those wrapping up sheaths or waiting for pics, please get those up as soon as you can. I'd be willing to have a 24 hour extension to the deadline if no one has a problem with that. That would make it 12:00 noon PST tomorrow, July 15th. Please let me know what you think. I think we use the lottery numbers from tonight regardless. Anyone have any issues with this?
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Mark Redmon

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Adam - no problem.

Anthony - Let's see how things play out. There are only a few people involved that might not be able to receive your knife due to customs.


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I was chosen to teach summer school and have not had the time I expected to work in the garage. My apologies, gentleman. Love the finished knives so far!