Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

Tony Manifold

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Here it is in all its glory. :biggrin:

It is 8.25 inches of A2 heat treated at Peters to 59 HRC. Satin finished with some desert Ironwood I got from Bossdog. Sheath is a simple pouch sheath made with black kydex and a TekLok.

View attachment 47984View attachment 47985.
BTW the blade ended up being a touch over 4 inches. If it ends up being an issue for who ever gets it, let me know and I will have a back up ready.

BossDog & Owner
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When are these due? I have been pretty busy lately and need to get this done...


This is one I have from another KITH that is ready to go, blade is over 7 inches:

Summer 2013 KD-KITH.jpg

I will have a knife ready that meets the smaller requirement for whoever get mine to choose from in the next few weeks. Should finish new shop by then and be able to complete that one in time. Blade is done, needs handle, sheath is in the dye as I write this. I have not decided if the handle will be made of wood or G10 yet.



Will be working on backup knife next week. The shop is coming alone a bit faster that I thought. Got some friends helping me on Saturday.


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got to fiddle a while in the shop today and finished up my KITH knife. Decided to do a folder and see what came of it.

Blade and Spring: O1
Liners: 410SS
Scales: Stabilized Spalted Shedua with red spacers

6" tip to tip
blade 2.5" tip to scale


Erik Land Kith Folder.jpg
kith liners.jpg
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mine is done cept maybe a little cleanup and get the sheath made. 1084 . 7 1/4 OAL. 3 in .600 grit machine finish slight taper on the kirinite from the Boss.3/16 corbys and stainless tube002_zpse8476ff1.jpg

now with luck holding out I wont have another booboo like last year:biggrin:


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Here's my kith entry - please forgive my usual poor photographic skills. This is a handy little edc in O1 and maple. I've carried its brother for more than three years now and wouldn't be without it.



Mark Redmon

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I've updated the list on the main KITH thread to reflect completed knives. Let me know if I missed anyone!

I should have mine wrapped up this weekend, or early in the week.

Matt de Clercq

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For your viewing pleasure. Blade is hollow ground 440c 3.5", over all length 7.70". Handle is stabilized Australian Red Mallee Burl. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

Happy 4th. God bless America

Matt de Clercq