How to shutdown my computer?

Keith Willis

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Could someone tell me how to shutdown my computer? I have clicked on something wrong,and have not been able to shut my computer down for a few days.
I have always been able to click on the start menu,go to te bottom of the box and there was a place to shut it down.It is no longer there.
Thanks for any help

God bless,Keith
Good morning Keith.
Similar thing happened to me also. The queen came to the rescue by 'grabbing' a line at the bottom of the screen and pulling it up. The cursor turned into a double headed arrow when she hit the right spot. I'm not saying this is your fix but try it.....who knows.

Run down the street, find the transformer that provides power to your home, and put a 12 Ga. slug in it.
..or not.

I expect you have already tried holding the power button down until it shuts down...a few seconds.

Usually holding down the power button for several seconds shuts it off, else unplug it.
I can't get anything to work the right way.Pressing the power button,will shut it down
but it's not the right way.I get an error message on the next startup,saying it was not
shutdown correctly.
Guess I'll contact someone tomorrow.
Thanks guys,

God bless,Keith
when you get the error message on the next start-up simply reboot again. When you do a forced shutdown it will always give that error message. rebooting once more clears up any lingering issues.
Have you tried the "3 finger salute"? Hold down "CTRL" and "ALT" with 2 fingers on the left hand and then hit "Delete" with any finger on the other hand. You may have to tap "Delete" several times, all while holding down "CTRL" and "ALT". Many times the Task Monitor will come up and say "such and such program is not responding". If it does, click on End Program.

You may have to do this several times - if it doesn't work then give it the "one finger salute" and pull the plug.