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  • Thanks for the offer,Mr Terry.I will make plans to be there in Feb.If you would'nd mind,I might give you a call sometime in the near furture,just to drive up for a short visit and meet ya.

    I was unable to open your message sent by way of the forums so I'm responding this way. I'm on the south edge of Jackson in the new city of Byram (my mailing address is still Terry, MS).

    We have a one day hammer-in here every February. Just a bunch of hammerheads from around the state screwing up perfectly good steel. Stock removal, or forgers, or anyone interested in knives. We teach a little and demo a little. You'll need to come and bring any knife friends along, too. We encourage collectors and even have a tiny little knife show where I have occasionally seen money change hands.

    My email is and my phone is (601) 371-7414.
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