Been Busy for a while, missed you guys. Here is why.


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Some of you know through FaceBook about my wife, but I just wanted to update the others. She has had major health problems since July of 2009. First it was several pinched nerves in her neck that required replacement of two disks with cadaver bones and a titanium plate to secure three disks together. Just after healing from surgery she got a bad case of shingles and still has post neurological pain. Then during a routine Mammogram a year ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, two surgeries to get it all out, then massive radiation via a golf ball balloon for five days, twice a day, inserted in here breast and then filled with radioactive material. It took months for her to begin to recover her strength. Just as she was feeling like getting out a month ago, her breast started hurting and causing lots of pain. We consulted her surgeon and she started her on antibiotics since the breast had fever in it. Three days passed and then appointment with surgeon produced THREE horse size syringes of pus drawn from her breast. More antibiotics added to the 1st one. Waited a week for improvement and had none, now another visit to surgeon and she opened the breast open with a number 10 scalpel inserted 4'' inside. Out comes more pus, the surgeon said she must operate, remove infected tissue and install a open wound vacuum system. And leave the wound open. As it heals from inside out, it is suppose to be the cure. Meanwhile she has an open wound filled with sponges and must have those changed three times a week by home health, VERY Painful to have sponges pulled out and repacked. I would ask for prayers from all of my faithful friends. It is hard for me to see my bride of 46 years suffer so much pain. She is tethered to a vacuum pump 24/7 and we can not go anywhere for 6 to 10 weeks. She is a diabetic and healing is much more difficult for her.

If you missed me, thanks, if you did not know I was gone, I am sorry to not have been a friend to you. Again, please pray for her.
Jim Todd
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Your lovely bride as well as you and the rest of your family and friends (support network) will deffinately be in our prayers.

Keith Willis

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Prayers sent for you and your wife.May God heal her,
and may you have many more years together.

God bless,Keith


Jim, we don't know each other but I've been through a lot of health problems with my wife too and can relate. Thanks for letting us know and I will pray for your wife and you.

Bill T

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Hey Jim , I missed ya . Sorry to hear your wife is still suffering , and you as well . You're both in my prayers .. Take care ..


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The wound is healing, closed up nearly 1/2'' in a week, even the nurse was surprised when she measured the depth, said the tissue granulation was good. (whatever that means) other than it is good. Keep up the prayers Guys, somebodies is getting through or maybe a lot of them are.
Thanks Again,

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Hello Jim,
So sorry to hear of all the pain and suffering your bride has been enduring. My prayers go out to her for a healing and for you for strength.
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Sorry for the lack of updates, but no news that is good, visit to surgeon resulted in a lot of discouragement, though the wound is around 1/2 the size it was, it seems to have stopped healing. If she has not progressed in another 3 weeks, it means another surgery to scrape out all the tissue and create a new wound, she said that sometimes the body seems to forget it has a wound and needs a fresh one to jump start the healing over. Of course this one would be smaller, never the less, it was not something we wanted to hear. Please keep praying. I do appreciate them as well as my wife.