3rd Annual KD July KITH


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I arrived late to the party last year, but was allowed to participate anyway. This year I'm getting in at the beginning.
I'm in.


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Hmmm... Not sure if serious... :)

I will assume you are being serious... KITH, Knife In The Hat... Basically everyone makes one knife, and there is a blind drawing to see who you send it to (and also who sends one to you). It's a big ol' blind swap-meet.

Sean Cochran

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We are already over half way to 40! Still some guys who were in it last year havent chimed in yet. Lets try to make this one the biggest yet!
I'm in. I am a bit new here, but I am 1500 posts in over at BF and organized the newbie KITH over there. I would love to join up if you will have me.


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So I have a question...

The knives I make, currently, are made from blanks purchased from knifekits.com, jantz and Texas Knife Maker. Blades are usually hand rubbed for an added touch on the finish. I use everything from your basic plain walnut to stabilized redwood burl, micarta/g10, polyester pearls, etc. for handles. I usually add jimping if applicable and would like to start my hand at other filework. I love to use mosaic pins. In addition to this, I fully hand make all my sheaths. All my knives are resharpened to a full polished, hair whittling edge.

I don't just buy a blank, slap a handle on it, buy/make a crappy sheath and go.

So, all that being said, I would like to ask if I may be included in this KITH.

Here are some samples of my work:
440C w/ Osage Orange, SS pins. 8/9oz veg tanned sheath.

440C w/ Curly Maple, SS pins. 8/9oz veg tanned sheath.

AUS-8 w/ Cocobolo, SS pins. 8/9oz veg tanned sheath.

AUS-8 w/ Redwood Burl, SS pins. 8/9oz veg tanned sheath.

Thanks for viewing this post. If allowed to enter, I promise to create the best knife and sheath package my ability allows.


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Thanks for the support sirs. :)

So, officially, I would like to be a part of this KITH if you will have me.

BTW, I completely forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Craig, and I've been a member at bladeforums.com for a while now. I'm an Eagle Scout, 1995. Got started into this hobby with a kit knife for myself and it blew up from there. Would love to get into true blade making after I get moved and get my shop transported. Also getting into a bit more leatherwork than just sheaths, really enjoy that too.
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