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    We have a giveaway going on right now in our little forum at the bottom of the page :) Here's the link to the details. Woodstabilizer Giveaway See you there :)
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    WCKA Collaboration Knife

    Collaboration Knife At the annual general meeting in April of 2010, George Roberts, of Bandit Blades, put forth a proposal to have three Club knifemakers build one knife that could be later raffled to raise funds to support the Club’s programs. Now after only 7 1/2 months the knife is...
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    KTSA Knife Show, April 2011

    Western Canada Knife Association KTSA Custom Knife Show April 2011 Kamloops Target Sports Association Custom Knife Show April 30th and May 1st, 2011 Show Times: Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 3pm McArthur Island Sports Centre 12th Street South Kamloops, BC Visit...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Christina from Mike and I have been members of the WCKA since April 2010 and have met alot of incredibly talented people and have also made some good friends. We currently take care of the clubs website , including the design and maintenance, so if...
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    Introduce Yourself

    Stop by and introduce yourself.
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    Welcome to the WCKA Forum on Knifedogs. The WCKA is the Western Canada Knife Association with members in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. The Association was formed in June of 2000 when a group of knife enthusiasts got together in Kamloops, BC, Canada. They...
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    Merry Christmas Knifedogs!

    Mike and I wanted to take a moment and thank all the knifedogs that have supported us over the past year! We greatly appreciate your business and wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas! Mike and Christina
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    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    The winner is #273 Ironwolf Congratulations! Christina
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    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    Thanks everyone for your participation! I'm closing this giveaway now and will post the winner within the hour. Good Luck! Christina
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    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    To enter the giveaway, stop by our website and then post a reply to this thread. It's as easy as that * one entry per day We'll draw the winning reply# on November 30th through Thanks and good luck, Christina
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    Western Canada Knife Association - New Site

    Just finished this site for the Knife Club. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Christina
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    Welcome to the pack! Christina
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    Greetings from the Buckeye state

    Welcome! Christina
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    Help finding an end pin supplier?

    One of our customers is looking for some end pins with a french cross. These are for a set of 9 chefs knives. He's in California and has commissioned a custom maker to make the knives for him, but he's having a hard time finding the end pins. Does anyone here know of a supplier? Thanks...
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    Arduous Damascus Knife and 1095 hunter

    Dwane, the spalted horse chestnut looks great. It compliments the damascus nicely. Christina