Introduce Yourself

Hi, I'm Christina from Mike and I have been members of the WCKA since April 2010 and have met alot of incredibly talented people and have also made some good friends.

We currently take care of the clubs website , including the design and maintenance, so if anyone has any questions or comments about it, or would like to make some changes to their gallery page on the site, please send me a message and I'll take care of it for you.

We look forward to chatting with you in the forum!

Hello Everyone, it's nice meeting all of you!

I am Jeff Maron of SpearTip Knives and I am based out of Chilliwack, BC, Canada. I hand-craft knives including fixed blades and folders.

All knives are dedicated to supporting Cancer Research and this is why I donate $25.00 from each knife towards a Cancer Research Program. I take great pride in knowing that I build a quality product and helping others.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
Have a great day!
Hi All! I'm Jim T from Alberta!

Between work, teaching martial arts (another hobby) and knocking down my wife's honey-do list, I've been having a lot of fun learning to flat grind. Haven't made a lot of knives yet, but the ones I have made have been a real learning experience and quite enjoyable.

I've already met some pretty impressive people in the custom knifemaking world and they've all been generous with their time and advice when it comes to helping out this newbie. I'm hoping to get out to the KTSA Knife Show one of these years to meet a few of you face to face.

Hope to see more posts on this particular forum.

Bye for now.

Jim Clow from Tilley Alberta. Been building knives off and on for 13 years. Enjoy building the equipment for building knives. I make my own damascus and stabilize my own wood as well. I host a Thursday night knife nite for the knife makers in the area. As well as anyone interested in building as knife for the first time. We will walk the newbie from start to finish. I am also hosting the Southern Alberta Hammer-In this spring. If you are passing by the area make sure you stop in for a visit.

Hi, all.
Chris Kluftinger here. I met some of you at Jim's Hammer-in at his place in Tilley last June. Great fun! Took me a while to get to this forum as i don't have much time to "surf". Too busy screwing up perfectly good steel I guess. I learned so much at Jim's it will keep me going for a while - like your "Orange Crush". I built "Lil' Squeeze", a 12-ton manual hydraulic press after seeing yours in action. Not as impressive as Orange Crush, but it'll do for now. I also made one of those double-pein hammers Ed Caffrey had. Anyway, I'm plugging away at making all sorts of knives. Fixed blades only (so far, who knows). I sell a few here and there, and donate many to charity. My wife and son are diabetic, so my charity of choice is JDRF. Don't know what else to say. Glad to be here.
Just realized you all had a sub forum on here. My name is Tony Manifold and I am a career military man recently posted to Comox BC although I am from the Island originally. I am a new maker having completed my first 2 what I call professional knives (with high quality steel and a professional heat treat). As soon as I complete my move, I have half a dozen that need finishing. My goal is to spend the next ten years building up to my retirement business.

Looking forward to getting involved with the association.