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    Digs Fossils-n-Knives -- Flame Fallout Finish

    Looks great! Definitely matches the knifes character. Pure evil!
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    fixe blade with case

    I can feel it in my hand and it feels great! Nice crisp lines. Good style. I would buy it
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    Where to BUY fast Quench like Parks 50?

    I will definitely order 5 gallons of fast oil as soon as you can get it. - Thank you
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    For my brother

    He gave me a PSE Kingfisher as my introduction to bowfising. He has a thing against invasive species. As soon as the water hits 50 degrees he is out scouting for some tail. I also have a 10+ year old Hoyt recurve that I refuse to get near water! A friend had a 15 yard indoor range in his...
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    For my brother

    Thank you :) He did like it quite a lot. Yes the guard slopes a little bit. I did that to match an angle that I goofed. Thanks for the eye.
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    Some Better pics of the STriped Dagger

    that really is, very striking
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    For my brother

    My brother got me a nice recurve bow so i made him a knife. Blade was hand filed from a piece of Alabama Damascus. The the guy at the knife show gave me a free piece to start with! Cool dude! The finger guard is nickel/silver and it was done with a few rat-tail files and sandpaper. The wood I am...
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    Post your cell phone pic's here...

    One of the bait stealing cane toads that live in florida. They make a lot of noise in the dark.
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    Razor, 1084, micarta

    Oh Yeaaaaah! I love it! Reminds me of a gator on the prowl...
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    Well thanks, been busy with my job. I decided to spend more time and money on tools so I...

    Well thanks, been busy with my job. I decided to spend more time and money on tools so I haven't made any knives for a while. Got the NWG plans from Tracy. Now I am gathering up mostly free steel to make it.
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    made this for a friend

    thanks! Good point! Hmmm....I wunder if I could heat treat a rock :D 2thumbs
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    made this for a friend

    Yeah.....its pretty easy to put a nice finish on somthin ugly :D That's what I learned on this one. I couldn't keep the blade to handle ratio aesthetically pleasing and keep it so it would fit a regular sized hand. Ok enough excuses. It was fun. I made somthing sharp from a piece of scrap lying...
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    made this for a friend

    I was just messing around free handing with no fear of messing up and this funny critter kinda popped into existence. First person i showed thought it was crap but the Lady I made it for REALLY likes it. 2" 1095 3/16" thick blade hollow ground on 6" wheel hidden tang heated and smashed...
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    Building nwg

    When choosing the big contact wheel its recommended to use an 8". I know I don't want to go smaller but what about bigger? And why are some serrated and others aren't?
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    Building nwg

    man that was easy! Geez, all you have to do is ask around here! Thank you very much. :bud: