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  • Well thanks, been busy with my job. I decided to spend more time and money on tools so I haven't made any knives for a while. Got the NWG plans from Tracy. Now I am gathering up mostly free steel to make it.
    Sounds like a cold, time consuming job. I ran a forklift for a few years, on both an "open" dock, meaning many doors open to the cold night air, and enclosed docks as well. I loaded and unloaded Semi's. I was a tattoo artist for 3 or 4 years, and I've been in law enforcement off and on as well. I guess I just get bored after a few years, then I'll do something else, but I'm the one who moves to something different, I never get "canned", so I don't "burn my bridges" so to speak. I've got a "concealed weapons permit", and am a firm believer in carrying firearms.
    It is good to meet you. I am a leathercrafter...sheaths, belts, possible bags, etc. I am also a Tribal Dancer, my dance category is called a "Southern Straight Dancer". If you find time, check out my Albums in my Profile's a good way to get to know new friends. If you wish to leave someone a message, and you aren't sure how this system works, go to their Profile area and type it in their "visitors meassage" slot, like I'm leaving in yours, or post a "private message",,, either way, and they will find it. When you get time, drop me a few lines and tell me about yourself and any craftwork you do, I would enjoy hearing about it. "Do'na de'ga gv' i Ugi'nali' " (Goodbye Friend)
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