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    1095 and Mesquite Hunter

    This knife feels good in the hand. It is intended as a general purpose hunting knife- gutting, caping, etc. Flat ground 1095 Ample Mesquite Handle Brass Hardware RC 58-59 8-9 oz. fitted, oiled sheath OL 8.75" $140 shipped USA
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    Hello from the Land of 10,00 Lakes

    Hello fellow artisans from Mahnomen Co. in NW MN. I began making knives in 2007. My primary focus is on fillet knives and hunting knives, although I make some kitchen knives, skinners, paring knives, and was recently asked to make a meat cleaver! I'm still thinking about that. I have a...
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    Filet Knife Question

    Fillet preference I prefer ATS34, 1/16" stock. Flat grind. Harden at 1900 degrees, temper at 350-375 degrees for 2 hours. I have used 440c also with very similar results. Both work well. Both are very easy to grind and HT. Milt
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    Model #41

    Art, Above and beyond professional contemporary standards. Milt
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    These 2 were made from the same whitetail rack. Both are made from .103" 154CM. I made the top one first and used brass hardware. I used 303 stainless for the bottom one. I like the bottom one better. I am becoming fond of 303. I think it looks classier than brass, but brass has its place...
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    Found a good metal supplier on line.

    I got my quench plates among other pieces from them. They are good. Milt
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    Mill advice needed

    I bought this one from Grizzly. I am very pleased with it. I did buy a keyless chuck for it. It does a very nice job. Milt
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    Need help with electric kiln

    Do all the elements get hot? Sounds to me like each power cord may be feeding 2 elements- it looks like it has 4 elements in the photo. I don't think hitting it with 220v would be wise. Milt
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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    Thanks to all of you for your very kind comments. As an update- My wife cooked the chicken for supper this evening. It was a biggin'! There will be some chicken burritos coming she says.:1: Milt
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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    I hope you don't mind me sharing. I had a great time making this sale. I got a call from a 12-year-old boy who wanted to buy a knife. I have known this boy since he was born, as well as his 3 brothers and parents. He wanted a deer-hunting knife because he gets to hunt this fall he said. I...
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    oil heater

    My quench take is a a piece of hydraulic cylinder 5" in dia. and 30" tall. I welded it to a brake rotor which makes a very good base. I attached a 110v water heater element to a round plate that sits on top of the tank. It takes 30-60 sec depending on oil temp to get it to 130F. One needs to...
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    14" fillet knife

    Yes, I have. I have made a few long fillet knives- 15.5". They are a tad more difficult to keep a steady taper than a standard fillet knife. I prefer to flat grind them with the handle in place. You need to be very careful that the belt does not touch the handle front. But, with proper...
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    knife show

    This is a very timely topic, as I will be selling for the first time next month. What makes a good table covering? Color, Material, ?
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    Hunter with NICE curly koa

    I would be proud to say I made that!!!!!! Great job. Milt
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    8" chef knife,my first

    What a great looking blade! Ipe (ironwood) is one of my favorite woods and I use a lot of it. Your stencil looks great, by the way! Milt