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  • hey tracy a fellow by the name of kevin will be emailing you. i want him to be a moderator on my forum so he can run things for me if that is ok with you.
    thanks alex
    Tracy, I havent found any info on a pass around knife. I was thinking of putting one of my knives up for it. What do you think? Thanks,Mark
    Hi Mr. tracey, been looking for that knife vise ---- any info on it ? I promised to engrave the last Bowie raffle knife & I think it's on the way according to Bill Coye. Please advise..................... Ken
    Tracy , thanks for the heads up on the membership when I am ready I will pay pal $100 to you or whatever info says to do . At end of month . thanks .... James ( bubba-san)
    thanks for connecting the dots for me... I had a blast at Escanaba. I think KnifeDogs may have to organize an outing up there some time our own selves. Maybe next summer when I can ride bike up there again.
    Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted to say I enjoyed meeting you up in Escanaba. Thanks again for the pointers you gave me at the grinder. We all appreciate the forum here too. Been hanging out at Floridogs. Feel free to join us there. -Rob
    Good afternoon Boss,
    If it is possible I would like to change my log in name to Wade Hougham. We have another WadeH and I think this would simplify things. Thanks for the forum, it is a great one,and any assistance you give in the name change. Wade Hougham
    Boss put me where you need me. I will take what ever you need me to take. Thanks for the great forum. Katie likes this one better than JD. She got a little up set at some of the Avatars and sigs. Hopefully I can get her to join. Thanks again, James
    I found out why I couldn't post, The verification message went to my spam folder for some reason. It's working now. Sorry about that.
    Tom Militano
    Thanks for the welcome big boss :D I was a little slow to find it...just like everything else! :) Glad to be here....even tho Les George is a supermodel around here *scurred*
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