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    Hi BossDog,

    I'd want to buy you a sheet of Dark Brown Canvas Micarta (5" x 10.5" x 1/4"- for $14).
    I want to rehandle a Busse FSH knife.
    Do you still have some?

    Best regards,
    Thanks Tracy , everything is fine even the pc problem squared itself away . I was wondering can I have a co -moderator help me with pers. forum . His name is Kyle Hershey he is member ,knowledable about japanese blades , his user name is wind and fire forge . sometimes I get crazy busy and ,I want to be able to keep page up to date with new Items and such. thanks Bubba
    Hello Tracy ,I just PP you 100$ for a personal forum spot , I guess you will help me set up page ? I hope . I wanted it to read Bubba-san Forge ,( traditional Japanese knives and swords) regards ....... Bubba
    G'day Tracy,
    just signed up. Mate of mine called Terry, not sure what his user name is here, put me onto this forum and your website. I'm making kydex sheaths for his knives and need some bits and pieces. He said you were the man to talk to. I need black eyelets for two sheets of 2.35mm thick kydex, also need the punch and anvil for joining them. Also need some green and khaki or tan kydex. I'm thinking I'll be getting all my pieces from you from now on as you seem to have everything I need. Most suppliers here just have bits and pieces and you need to hunt here there and everywhere for them.
    Hi Tracy
    Just wanted to be sure you recieved the E-mail I sent with photos and discription of the knife I donated to ED's fund raiser? Thanks for all the effort you and the guys are putting into the fund raiser. Have a great evening Tracy
    I sent paypal payment about 10 minutes ago.... still havent seen my name on the list....

    everything ok?
    Hi Tracy I just upgraded to a Knife Maker membership at midwest and if you need it my Thanks Brett Ps I would love to my own fourm to sell my knives and a fossil ivory. So is that a 100 on top of your knifemaker membership.
    Tracy , I hate to bug you but i wanted to ask a couple questions , when can i expect those belts , in kind of a bind ? I also wanted to know how to change my designation from dog to bladesmith drop me an email when you get time . thanks Bubba
    I would like to have a 3 of the blaze belts in 80 gr. and a 3 in 120 gr. when you get time . those 3M gold belts are not that good, I was real dissapointed they didnt cut or last any longer than normal silicon carbide belts for 3.00. let me know where to send paypal thanks .. bubba
    hey boss , I would like to purchase some gator belts from you if you have some . I tried some 3M gold which are supposed to be top of line made for grinding stainless , alloys ,ti and cobalt .I didnt think they were that good . let me know Bubba-san
    Thanks for the Welcome. It's nice to have a forum that's not politically motivated, where there's no nonsense, profanity, or bad attitudes. Thanks. Scalphunter
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