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    Bad Experience with

    Nate, I apologize for the issue. I understand your disappointment. I was out today at a training class today or I would have called you myself. As I understand it, this was a new item listed in the last couple days. The item picture and price displayed correctly initially but when a pull down...
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    History Channel - Knife or Death

    Goldberg seems to be getting better at this. He has a sense of humor and it's starting to come out. Fear the chicken!
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    A Craftsmens Legacy

    Tim Zowada's episode was excellent. I wish it would have been an hour longer. I haven't seen Kevin's episode yet but now there is a link I'm off to watch it. ....well it appears the link is to a preview and we will have to wait for it to "air"
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    Aebl toughness?

    It could be one of several pieces of the heat treat process. It could also be the edge is a bit too thin for that heat treat/steel combination. Generally, I find stainless to be "chippier" (what ever that is) than high carbon steels. What hardness is your blade? How are you heating and...
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    hydraulic press,-how much oomph is needed?

    Mine is 20 tons and follows the Batson H press plans pretty closely. It works well for it's size but I don't make big billets for a living where time is money either. If you are a hobby or part time maker, 20 tons will work. If you are looking at full time smithing, go as big as you can.
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    History Channel - Knife or Death

    I like seeing how the knives/blades/swords/choppers/whoknows perform across different challenges. I think this is going to help the BladeSports competition cutting interest and participation. The chicken they used was pretty tough. It must not be a Tyson chicken.
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    VFD enclosure.

    So the deal with the enclosures is this. Any metal dust floating around the VFD is going to be attracted by the magnetic fields of the electronics and current flowing. The metal dust finds it's way to the circuit board and settles into the various components. You can try blowing the dust out...
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    Full tang makers,-you need to see this!

    The above link is showing handle file work on a full tang knife.
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    Anvil Project - Black Robin

    We have these available for pick up in our Mankato warehouse. If you like we can go out back and test one out. It would be a good excuse to fire up the forge.
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    Ribbon Burner Forge

    Yep, I meant taking off the top hand valve to fill with water before cutting it open.
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    My latest sword- the sword of Elector Christian I of Saxony

    beautiful job Kevin. When you say "martempered", what did that involve?
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    Knife for my Grandpa

    awesome. I would give anything to give my gramps a knife I made. I got into it after he passed.
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    Ribbon Burner Forge

    no, I should have been a bit more clear. I am talking about removing the open/close valve on top of the typical bbq propane tank before cutting it.
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    Kydex sheaths...Where to start??

    I'll try not to repeat the above. Generally, 060" is used for small knives like neckers or maybe thin fillet blades, .093" thick is most typical for bigger or general use, .080" thick is good for all around use. I prefer to use .093" and .060" and rarely use .080" If it's in your budget, look...