Knife Show - Twin Cities Knife Show hosted by Midwest Knifemakers Guild

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There used to be a fairly big knife show in Minneapolis put on by a promoter that ran several knife shows across the US.
The show stopped and was never replaced.
There has been a gun/knife show occasionally hosted by a local weapons collectors group. It was mostly not knives and they recently lost their venue on the fairground leaving a vacuum.

The Midwest Knifemakers Guild is stepping up with their first annual knife show.

This is NOT a for profit show. This is volunteer effort by the guild board and guild members. Help us get people to attend please.

We need everyone's help to spread the word and get customers to show up to the show. Get signed up and spread the word early and often.:
    • It is walking distance to the Mall of America.
    • It is 5 minutes from the Airport.
    • It is next door to a large indoor waterpark.
    • There is a metro light rail terminal at the Mall and the airport.
    • It is NOT near downtown where demonstrations, etc, occurred.
This show is put on by the Midwest Knifemakers Guild, a 501c3 educational organization. All proceeds will go to the guild for the purpose of hosting more knife making related educational events.

Guild membership is not required to attend or set up -- but it is appreciated. Show is hosted by the Midwest Knifemakers Guild.

Go to
You can register online there.
Limit 60 tables. 1/2 of these tables sold in the first 24 hours and we expect the rest to be sold by the end of next week. We have several vendors indicate they are interested in attending and we are setting up booth space and commercial vendor pricing now. will be set up with a show special.

Monday Oct 3 (the day after the Twin Cities Knife Show) USAknifemaker will host an open house in our facility in Mankato, MN from 10am to 4pm.
We are located an hour 20 drive south of the Twin Cities Knife Show
We don't yet have anything planned for the day but we will come up with something.
You are welcome to stop by.