What's your favorite production folder and why?

John Barker

My favorite production folder is the Spyderco Lil Temperence. I have a leaf shaped S30V bladed one. I like the lock system because it is very strong and lefty friendly. It is a Golden, CO made spydies which I think is superior to their newer overseas made models. The blade shape and thickness make it all business. What's your fave and why?

Jeff Pearce

my favorite is my Chris reeve sebenza. Just a solid all around edc. Buttery smooth and rock solid lock up..classic design....and i live just a few miles from the shop so i can take it in for service anytime....


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I would say at this time it is the ZT 0350. It is a very well built knife. Fits in the hand really well. Great blade shape. Nice pocket clip. Holds an edge. It seems light to me for it's size. Really good fit and finish.


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Currently I have a lot of faves but the JYDII SG2 frame lock is a great folder I really find to be perfectly done other than the pocket clip which I fixed right quick to suit myself by making mine tip up carry. Oh and I also added an ambi thumb stud.



A small Chris Reeve Sebenza is my favorite. It is such a fantastic knife. The handle & blade shapes are terrific. It is tough and elegant at the same time. The Dog Paws one is THE favorite!!

gull wing

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It's hard to pin down a fav because I don't always have the same needs.
The two knives I keep going back to though, are the Large Regular Sebenza and the Sage Ti. The Seb is large but the slim handle makes it feel smaller. The Sage's handle is so fitted to my hand it's as though it's custom, plus the leaf shaped blade is multi-tasked.


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I have several Sebenza's, I just can't bring myself to carry one everyday they are so nice. So my edc is a ZDP Delica. I think Spyderco makes a good knife for the money.


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My favorite is my original BM Stryker w/ partial serrated blade made of M2. It has been my EDC for almost six years. It has been to the litter box with me twice and I've used it every day.

The day I left Iraq I bought one of the new AO versions with the spear point blade of D2 from a buddy who had neglected it. A little CLP and brass brush and I got it cleaned up and working properly in no time. A few weeks later I forgot I was carring an AO and ended up spending four hours in the ER getting my thumb stitched up. It's now a standard one hand opener.

My first Stryker has been retired til my next vacation to the litter box.



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Sebenza (Large), I have owned 14 different ones but currently have 1 classic + carbon fiber scale, 1 Regular "Calvary", and 2 Mammoth Ivory (1 Damascus/1 satin blade). They are great for use of for introducing others to fine blades as the clean lines prove useful. I need to quit showing mine to others as I have been bought out of them several times.:D Anthony


My all time favorite is the Microtech LCC D/A with S30V blade. It's been uber reliable and it's built like a tank. I swap out EDCs on a daily basis depending on what I think I might be needing but the LCC is my all time fave!2thumbs

I sometimes carry a Bradley cutlery Alias I and II in auto unfriendly environments. They are VERY solid knives and a great value. Same basic design and materials as the Chris Reeve Sebenza, built by Benchmade and costs about half what a Sebby goes for.


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several really nice blades

I carry a Spyderco waved Rescure 99.9% of the time, along with a home made waved Byrd cara cara rescue

I am looking really hard at a ZT once I win the lottery...:running dog:


Ti framed JYD ll SG2 once STR made a lowrider for it. It carries well, draws nice, and is the standard I test all my other knives against for slicing. Plus it's just a comfortable knife to hold.


right now i have to favorites. both are completely different and serve me perfect for how i use them. at work i carry a benchmade griptilian. i use it everyday and it stays sharp for a long time. i like the axis locking system it has cause it allows for fast deployment with one hand and i can fold it back with one hand. i wear gloves a lot on the job and the axis locking system works really good while wearing them.

when im not at work i carry a queen cutlery canoe. i love the D2 blades. kinda hard to sharpen but the blades stays sharp once they are sharpened. i have had it for maybe 2 months and ive only had to touch it up twice. i like how it feels when i carry it in my pocket, it just slips in and disappears.
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Well for a poor shmuck like myself It would be any Kit Carson design by CRKT. I have fell in love with the "Flipper" for fast deployment(Practically a non-mechanical swithchblade). I own 3 CRKT's (yeah I know they are made overseas,that is their only drawback). But let's face it,and be honest. I could never afford a custom knife,They are just out of my reach. Yeah I know they are worth it. But even a lot of "Production knives" are out of my reach as well financially. My M-21 in AUS 8 is a great knife,and for the price I paid $37 + S&H. It can't be beat in value IMO. Had mine 2 months and I have sharpened it once. What I would love to see in a production knife is HC steel, I really have no use for stainless steel as I take care of my knives.Clean oil and sharpen as needed,will do away with the need for stainless unless it is exposed to corrosive environments. I find it Ridiculous that so many knives are being made in stainless and then coated to eliminate the shine. Just use HC if that is what you are going to do.
OK I may not be a maker of knives, But I am a user of knives,and know what I want. I just can't find it at an affordable rate. I hope some of the production knife makers read what I have written. I may be the only one saying it, but I have been hearing this since stainless became so popular with knifemakers. Give the consumer the option and find out. Stainless sales will drop except among the lazy.
I really don't mean to rant, but I am tired of manufacturers deciding what is best for me,when I know what I REALLY want. They just don't make it.

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Of course the Seb. is an awesome knife, but I'd be hard pressed to say that it's the best with the incredible competitiveness of today's market.
I have the Spyderco Volpe, which I think is a better deal for the money.
Sebs are great, but the ergonomics on Spydercos can't be beat.
I have not had time to check out some of the new Spydercos, but I'd say that they are probably the best all around knife manufacturer right now.


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CRK Umnumzaan or Strider SGN. Umnum because it is a bigger knife with all the quality you have come to expect from CRK and the Strider SNG 3/4 grind because I can use and abuse it without worry. I love the glass breaker on the Umnumzaan.


My favorite is the CRK Mnandi. It's very "office friendly" and cuts great2thumbs

Chris D.:D

gull wing

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My fav is the Spyderco Sage Titanium:
The leaf shaped blade is multi purpose, just the right length(3"), and ground thin enough to slice well.
The handle shape fits my hand like a glove, even though it's all metal, it doesn't slip in my hand.
Lockup is solid and easy to deploy and unlock.
All in a thin, light package.:D

I have lots of other framelocks, CRK, Strider, etc but this one just "works" for me.