What's going on in your shop?

Randy Lucius

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Curious who you fellas are using for heat treat services? Peters? Paul Bos?

Had mine done by JT Custom Knives at https://www.jarodtodd.com/. AEB-L. Had Cryo and surface grinding done on by blanks. Measured within .001-.002 the length of the blade. I had one blank that was .060 for a steak knife and it was as straight as an arrow. Extremely happy with his service and I will use him again. These were the first stainless blades I've worked with and without a heat treating oven I sent them to him. 1084 and 1075 I do myself.

Sean Jones

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Finishing up on a couple. First one is a Spruce pinecone and white resin. Natural micarta liners and pins. A Father's day gift for my Dad.

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Second one is an Alabama Damascus with dyed maple. Still some clean up work to do and I'll get better pictures of it later.

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Well done Lucius...very well done. That's probably the first pine cone handle I've seen that I actually like.

Justin Presson

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Got some handle shaping done on one of the bowies. This one is going to be mine....I know selfish right but I have 2 others I'm going to sell. I want to have a nice collection of my own knives to pass on to my kids one day. Also I want to use my knives and be able to give real world feedback to customers on design and steel. This will go on alot of camping trips when done.

Randy Lucius

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That is drop dead gorgeous material. It is so unique!! The colors and the spacer material just work together well!! Where did you find that at if you don't mind me asking??
Hey Craft! I purchased the scales from a seller on Esty. Sellers name is AfterTheAdventure. He carries them in various colors and has some very nice ones listed now.

Sean Jones

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After messing up the handle (among other things) on my first AEB-L knife I've started on the second iteration.

Here's where I messed up a Corby bolt

And now onto my second try. Hand sanding almost done on this one and ready for handle fit up. I always get in a hurry at this point, so I'm deliberately slowing down and hopefully won't make the same mistakes again.