What's going on in your shop?

52 Ford

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Nifty idea, thanks!
No problem. I hope it helps!

Be careful what kind of tape you use, though! Some of that stuff is a BEAR to remove. Especially stuff like 3M VHB. It's worth doing some experimenting. A "mounting tape" designed for interior walls would probably be a good balance of holding power and ease of removal.

Wiping everything down with isopropyl alcohol or acetone helps a lot with the adhesion.

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Bird feeders. More specifically, bird feeder hangers. That’s what’s going on in my shop.

I am taking time to heat and beat a large piece of tool steel into what will hopefully become a nice Bowie knife in between the heating and beating on these hangers.

The pace is a little frantic but is efficient. Two mild steel hangers and a big chunk of 4150 all staying warm and cozy in the forge together… never have to set the hammer down!


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Finished the fixed blade yesterday and starting on the 2 blade trappers today

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I think you're right. The 637 is what I was thinking of. It's the variant with the exposed hammer. The 638 has that funky hump on the back of the frame to keep stuff from snagging on the hammer.

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