What's going on in your shop?

This is my next one up! 2 blade trapper w some mammoth

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First time using Birchwood Casey Plumb Brown. I’m really liking the effect. I think it will work well with the Giraffe bone.


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Got some work done this weekend. First one is a small neck knife. Overall length is 4.750 inches. Blade is 2.125 inches. Alabama Damascus with dyed mango.

Another Alabama Damascus with dyed white cedar. Orange liners. Still need to re-etch the spine.
white cedar0001e.jpg

white cedar0002e.jpg

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And one in 1084 with Mississippi Black Walnut and dyed Maple. White spacers and liners with nickel silver pins.
Just finished this one up tonight. My son was helping a friend clean out an old barn and they found this piece of farriers rasp that someone at some point had cut out to make a knife. I figured I’d finish the job somebody else never did. It’s kind of cool to think how long it has been in there just waiting to be turned in to a knife.3C6E72FE-3D56-48B5-B93C-FBF80D161ACC.jpeg13F072C0-21D0-43D4-92F3-3972F9FA5235.jpeg
I have never spear fished so I thought I should make a spear and try it.
This is 8x8" in 1/4" mild steel I cut on the plasma table.
The handle is 5/8" mild and I welded a huge nut on the end for the rope loop.
I cut a few extra heads and will list them on the web site if you want to make your own.

you would not want to be on the wrong end of this spear.
spear 5.jpg
spear 6.jpgspear 4.jpgspear 3.jpgspear head 2.jpg