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John Wilson

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Been working on this Bowie seems forever. I fix something screw something up etc... Was shaping the handle and blew thru it. Long story short didn't want to waste that piece of Maple so I cut in a piece of Walnut. Should have spent more time fitting but this knife is turning into a running experiment. Not selling it gonna be mine so who cares! LOL!!


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mike miller

I usually finish at 1,200 and do a light coat of tru oil. What sucks with this material is scratches are as stubborn as any material I have ever worked with so I try and make sure I have a clean 220 off the grinder before hand sanding. If you look closely you can see a few spots on the handle I need to go back and redo.
If you watch one of his demos on Instagram where he is finishing the gcarta for sale ,you will find he is spraying with WD40. I use it to sand . It polishes and keep the sanding in solution to clean off easy.


Going to try my hand at a frame handle Bowie. I have a couple different ideas, so will probably start two and see which one makes it across the finish line first. One will probably be more traditional and simple, but thinking frontier style for the other to see where that leads.