What's going on in your shop?

Wow, that is nice koa. Is it wet? Can you keep it that bright and deep?

Hi Bruce. No it isn't wet there and yeah, it stays bright like that for the most part. It might lose just a tad of its luster as it gets handled a bit. But for the most part, that's what it looks like. I just have a hard time taking a good photo of it and having the rest of the knife look right. :)
Just finished this one. 8inch Chef in AEB-L. Pommelle Koa handle (from the illustrious Mr. Doyle himself) with black and white spacers.

2015.10.19 Gyuto 8in .jpg2015.10.19 Gyuto 8in AEB-L_pommelle Koa_face up.jpg2015.10.19 Gyuto 8in AEB-L_Pommelle Koa_side.jpg
just finished this one this morning...now for a flipper I think..

CF Rotty Large.jpg
Some beautiful kitchen cutters going on guys.
OK so after close to 40 knives I had the dreaded brain fart and glued up this knife with only finishing the front of the scales to 120 grit.
I decided to go ahead and finish it and in my sulking mood of going through the motions I decided to attempt a John Doyle inspired work on the but of the knife. Tricky but I did the best I could and being it was a full tang it was hard to transition to the tang

Still not sure what to do about the front of the scales so this one might be mine.

That looks really good Justin. Hope the front turns out well.


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Been sick for a couple weeks but got back to it and put a hour or so into the Folder Giveaway kit, I'm really enjoying this build, I love it!

Here I am pressing the detent bearing in, Boss sent a 3/32" detent so I drilled a #44 hole and pressed away. I used the drill press to this and it worked really well, also I modified a 3/8" drill bit for a pressing rod and it worked like a charm!(those detent balls are a pain to keep track of though:)!!)

I then clamped up the liner and used a crescent wrench to bend the lock bar( I should have clamped it in the vise different but I didn't....live and learn I guess)

Then I set about bringing the lock bar into final fit(it's getting really close in the picture) I don't have the angles right but I'm still really happy with it for my first go!

and here it is now...you should have seen the grin on my face when I assembled it and clicked it open for the first time...IT'S AWSOME!! I just love it! and there are so many little things that aren't right but it's just cool!
I also added the thumb shredder thumb stud I have just for the picture.

Sorry I'm going so slow on this build, but I'm really enjoying it!! This is a great kit! Highly Recommended!

There's allot to clean up and I have to grind the blade and harden it and a million other things...and add scales.

This is Fun!

Daniel Rohde

Almost done with my first completed knife. I had 1 before this one that snapped while trying to correct a bend post heat treat and 4 others that weren't worth finishing. This is also my first attempt at a hamon.
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That is beautiful! I love the handle. I snapped an 8in chef trying to straighten it after HT not too long ago, too.
Thanks John! The handle is stabilized Hackberry I got from dream burls. I've never seen stabilized Hackberry before this. I'm hoping to find some again someday I really like the look of it, and I'm hoping the tru oil I got will really bring out the grain.

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I'd buy all of that handle material you can get your hands on! That stuff is special.

I love TruOil and put it on anything that will take it. I wish cocobolo and african blackwood would take TruOil. It looks so good when you put it on, only to find out a day and half later the stuff just won't cure.