What's going on in your shop?

Bunch of great stuff going guys!!! love that one Self made Knives!

Heres are a bunch I'm working on:
Heat treated some 1080 in my redneck forge.

Working on my first slipjoints.

Ready to start fitting them together.

Heat treating some AEB-L stainless filet knives! Cryo is way cool.. (pun intended!)


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I got tired trying to take decent pics of my knives with my iphone, so I broke out the photo gear to shoot my latest knife. It's a little necker made from AEB-L and dressed in Curly Maple.

left side with sheath.jpgright side view.jpgspine view makers mark.jpg
Finished another tonight, this is my first try with a leather over kydex belt loop. The belt loop is removable from cross strap with Chicago screws so you can carry it scout too. Hole spacing is also right for Tek-Lok if user wants to take leather off.
SAM_2477.jpg SAM_2486.jpg
beautiful blade! love the large finger choil

Thank you very much! This is my take on a Murray Carter design. My finger choils tend to the large side because I round the edge along the entire radius. It makes for a very comfortable grip, no matter how you hold the knife. I break the edge on the spine of the blade as well. Sharp corners look really nice in pictures but I hate feeling them on a working knife.
That's a wicked point. The nice, long drop of the spine gives this knife some great lines. I love how the curve runs from the butt to the point. You don't notice that at first because the blade looks very straight and aggressive due to the angular cutting edge. Very pleasing to look at. That handle is right up my alley. Love it- the wood, the shape, everything. The red liners really give it some pop. Home run, Daniel.