What's going on in your shop?

Sean Jones

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Here's a few pics of a work rest I'm making for my grinder. These are the first welds I've done. So while they look terrible they are holding.

I think I need a new welding tip though. I've had trouble with the welder today sputtering and the weld wire jamming. View attachment 70306
This fellow has some relevant info as to welder settings. If your wire seems to be "lurching" out and then burning back, then you are probably right about the tip. Note also that if you bend the lead in a short radius, the liner can bind the wire and present the same effect. Drive wheels that are too tight and/or tight wire spools can cause the same issue.
tkroenlein just an update on my work rest and my welding.

I finally got around to finishing up this project. The new welding tips helped considerably and stopped the binding. My welds are still pretty rough but better than they were. My two biggest problems with welding seem to be holding the tip too close and going too fast. So I've slowed quite a bit and I'm also wearing readers under my welding helmet so I can see what I'm doing better. I still get a lot of spatter but my welds are holding now.

Work rest no 3.jpg

Daniel Macina

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Man, That is heartbreaking! hopefully you have another piece of wood like that and can try again!
sadly I don’t have any more like that but I sent some pictures of some different woods to the guy am giving the knife to so we’ll see. The worst part is I had the handle glued up once without any trouble in about 10 hours into the Epoxy curing I decided to pull them off because the front of the handle was bugging me. lol.