what is your EDC knife?

I've carried a Benchmade Torrent for the last seven years. I think I've sharpened it like three times in that period. It really keeps an edge.

I also carry a Swiss Army pocket knife every day as well. I'm not sure which model it is, but it's perfect for my needs.
woahhh! that was so amazing! how do you maintain the sharpeness of your edge for a long period of time?
Mostly because I wait until it's dull as hell before sharpening :D. Also it only gets used for very mundane tasks such as cutting cardboard. I've never used it for anything it wasn't intended for. The steel is 154CM and the edge geometry seems to be optimal for what I use it for.
This is a $50.00 buck given to me by a good friend for a faver, other wise I would not have spent the time to redo it, redid every thing to 2000, lost moust of the cuts on the back of the spacer when I made it all match, remilled them, engin turned the side plates, wallnut scales and still has a poor pin fit , bladetakes and holds a good edge. I think I could have made one from scratch in less time, pack it every day, it is what it is. Deane


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I got to thinking about the knives I have packed, well that Kabar in the picture I packed for years, don,t know how many I have had I think they called them a stockman, I packed the other one in a case and had limited use, it is a Voss Cut Co Germany Hen and Chick to good to use. I grew up on a hill ranch in the far northern California we always carried a knife and a firearm, my dad packed a knife just like the one in the picture , he would field dress a deer or what ever with it, we have made all the skinners bowies and what have you and we used to pack just one knife and used it fore everything. I did grow up in a different time I will be 86 in Feb. Deane


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Bruce, I was borne in Fortuna, went to a one room school in the hills up to the forth grade then went to Eureka to school. Iknow where you live, hauled logging and construction equipment all over northern california in the late sixties early seventies, crushed rock at Hornbrook when the freeway was put in. Deane
Deane, my wifes family is from Fortuna. Johnson. Bank of Lolita was her grandfathers, Speaking if Lolita, the cheese factory and creamery just went belly up. Had her family reunion about 30 years ago, had to rent the fairgrounds. Bruce
Today is this slim little frame lock. It’s off center, buggered in the back and the jumping is crap. I didn’t even put my name on it but I like the size and weight. I should make a nicer one some day.