What exactly turns you guys on by Balis?

Denny Eller

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I have never even considered a bali before. You all have given me pause to think.........
I can just picture me, a bald old fart, being accosted by some young thugs. I whip out my bali, and with a few quick, deft moves have a lethal weapon in my hand. The thugs first look amazed, then start laughing. As their laughter doubles them over I slowly slip away into the darkness............ I may get one of those bad blades yet.


Exactly Denton ... now make us a pearl handled one with a sheepsfoot slipjoint in the safe handle. Fer trimmin' nails. We need something new to drool over.


I saw one at a Gunshow years ago. I'd always liked knives with a novelty associated with them, and this is about as novel as it gets. After I figured out a couple of openings, I was seriously hooked. The strength of lockup and the speed of opening made my Manila Folder my EDC for ten or fifteen years. I just got tired of patching holes in my jeans pocket. Those heavy brass handles eventually would eat through almost anything.

re: They are illegal to carry where I live, and I find them to be kind of slow to deploy compared to a fixed blade or traditional folder.

I wont argue about a fixed blade, but I will about the traditional folder. You really need to see someone who has worked with his knife go from in the pocket to a striking position. It is not seconds, but fraction of one second. I'm from North Carolina, and balisongs, and switchblades are legal here. The only way you get in trouble here is for concealed carry. Even then it up to the discretion of the cop as to whether or not your knife is defined as a weapon.
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