Wassup for the weekend????

Wassup??? Today I am planning to finish the Bowie and then go out to the smithy to weld up a mosaic billet that I had started. I have some 52100 to forge out too.:3:
Tomorrow, I have to meet this person who is selling thermo-couplings and controllers.:biggrin:
If I get a good buy I'll be selling them.:3:
Good luck with the couplers, George. Hey, we need pictures of your new billet steel when you can get around to it. I betcha it's gonna be nice!

It's the first day of my 2 day weekend, gonna sneak into the shop and do some much needed cleaning and organizing.

Had to have our Bassett hound Lady put to sleep yesterday, has been a real bummer. We sure miss her.
Very little knife work this weekend.:2: I have to get everything away from my windows. I am have all new windows installed starting Monday.:biggrin: They insulated my house 2 weeks ago and what a difference. This house was built in 1893.
Whats going on with you Bubbas???????:s11779:
I am still cleaning up their mess, that the installer made putting my windows.:mad: The Turkeys ordered the wrong size windows for my second floor bathroom.:34:
I will probably be welding up Ron's NWG tomorrow.:3: The back to cleaning.:2: I'll be looking for Guinea Pigs tomorrow :nothing:. I am trying out a new recipe for fresh smoked shoulder, which is marinating in a dry rub.:s7435:
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I get to deal with a cranky kid who got a C in art class :mad:. I took away her Ipod and cell-phone till the grade comes up, gosh I'm a mean ol' turkey!
Hey, hey, hey!!!!!!! This weekend is suppose to be in the 50's.:1971_dancing_dog:I'll be cooking up a pot roast for tomorrow (Portagee Style:3:).Nathan is coming over and probably Ron to work on his grinder.:biggrin:
I also received a call this week from a Husband and wife Blacksmith team. They are planning on attending the HI and may be coming for a visit on Saturday.:les:
What are you Bubbas up too?????:1:
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Might go to a gun show in Stevens Point tomorrow. It may hit 40F here, time to shovel the snow away from the grill and cook up some steaks I think! Hey IG my woman has a smoker, when I get it going I'll have to ask you for some recipes!
We're looking to put in a garden this spring, too. Gonna grow me some peppers and smoke em... which end do you light?!?
Ron and I are still working on his grinder. Hopefully we will get it done this weekend.:les: Also, Paul Sabin maybe back to finish up the canister billet we started yesterday. :biggrin:
What are you Dogs up too????:red_indian:
Started profiling a bunch of AEB-L kitchen blades last weekend. I'll be doing more of that tomorrow.
May be able to start rough grinding on some too. The super thin 3V ones are all rough ground.

Couldn't find any 1/16" AEB-L for parers but a kindly baron down south a bit found me some 1/16"
S30VN in stead :)
Have Nathan and The BBBB Beaver coming over tomorrow, to help me weld up Bertha (24 ton press), micro forge and knife vises, they are the door prizes for the HI. He will also look at welding Nathan's Fisher anvil (cobweb cracks). I'll be making a big pot of Portagee Style Beef Stew.
If you are in the area stop by.:3:
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Saturday, I have BBBB Beaver, Kook and a new Lady friend and her grandson coming over.:3: I'll be cooking up a few pound of steamers in a Portagee Style Clam Boil.:drool: BBBb Beaver is taking Bertha for a test run.:34: I plan on finishing the Micro Forge for one the Hammer-In's door prize.:les:
We be Jamin, starting today till Sunday. Good food, good friends,cold beers and a hot fire. HEHEHEHEHE!!!
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Got lucky, worked OT last night instead of tonight. Got to work all day otherwise I'd be spending the day at Wa..Wa..Wally's.

Don't let Stabber trash Big Bertha today, I saw all the 5160 he'll be bringing over today.

Linda will be making some beef brisket for me to take over tomorrow, believe me this food is great. IG is also one kick ass cook and the food this weekend will be awesome!!!

See you tomorrow morning. :biggrin:
Busy weekend but not with knives.

Saturday morning I'll hook up with my siblings to move some of my parents posessions into their new digs :2:. Dad, 89 and Mom 88 will be moving into an assisted living facility, so we will have to get the essentials moved over there this weekend.

This is going to be a major bummer for all my family. We the sibs, moved into the home in 1961, while the previous owners were my Mother's parents, our grand-parents, we also have a lot of family history there. So for Mom who probably spent around 60 years of her 88 in that house this move will be traumatic. It sucks but their is nothing we can do about it. Dad had a stroke about 3 months ago and he can no longer care for himself.

I guess that's the way life is. I'm honored, privileged and lucky to have my parents still alive and have the Brother's and Sister's that I do.

Hope your weekend is going to better than mine.