Wassup for the weekend????

This is a heads up one day earlier.:3:
If any of you Guys and Gals, are not doing anything this Saturday????? :les:I have 6 quarts on Turkey Cacciatore cooking. Just bring what ever you will be drinking. If you want to play in the fire chip in for gas. Cooked it for the normal taste buds. HEHEHEHEHE!!!


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Hey!!! Going to get the guild up and running before spring. This Saturday having a few people stopping over, just to hang. Y'all come on over.:biggrin:
Would love to see you my Pal IG.
But I already have plans foe this weekend!
Did you put that HT Stuff that will make you split your pants when you Fart in the Turkey Cacciatore?

Watch out everyone that's going there! You will need a case of beer each and a change of underwear!