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I just finished mine up last night.

Not sure what's up with my cameras lately, but the kydex isn't nearly that textured-looking in real life...

I put both extra spacers on the non-teklok side, because I didn't want to leave any hardware out as a just-in-case. Y'all think I should just trim down the chicago screws and leave the spacers off? or leave it as-is?


Rudy Joly

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For your viewing pleasure.
I'll be depositing these into Bill's grubby little mitts this weekend at our NCCA extravaganza show in Conn. Each one got a little different treatment on the finish. Top got a mustard etch to get a 'hamon' and then top coated with vinegar. Both edges are sharpened. Second is a plain vinegar etch. Bottom got cold blue with with a lot of rubbing between coats (3) with light oil, this helps even out the finish and eliminate the blotchy look. Even though the handles are only 220 grit, the look changed completely when I waxed the entire knives to help protect them from all the racooning they're likely to get from Bill. The kydex was bent in one piece like a normal leather sheath after I formed the belt loop. I hope they perform admirably for their recipients.

As usual....please ignore the wax I never see untill the pics are done.


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Nice work Rudy! Like the top one with the double bevel- very attractive and should really slice up bad guys.

Bill T

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Gentlemen, I apologize, but some things have come up that are going to make me have to step away for a while.

Please contact Steve Janik if you have a knife ready for dispersal or need some assistance with any other aspect of the Build.

I wish you all the best.


Josh Dabney

Sorry to hear this Bill ! Don't for get about your support group... we're here if ya need us buddy.

Just want to say what a GREAT job all have done with this build !!!!! The knives are all fantastic :35:

Brad, My apologies for missing your post. I think it's fine to leave the washers as-is. FWIW I think you've got the TecLoc upside down for standard belt carry. I played with mine ALOT and found the easiest way to mount and un-mount was with the lock on the top. Just MHO so take it FWIW which is not much, LOL :3:

I forgot to update on my own knives. One was shipped and recieved a long time ago. I'm holding the other until September when Chelsey completes her training and will deliver it then.

Great build fellas !!! -Josh


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Thanks Josh, I haven't gotten to mail it back out yet, so there's still time to change it. And the great thing about tekloks... Ya just flip-em over and you're done. :)

Steven Janik

Dear Dogs,
Bill T has decided to take a much needed vacation from KnifeDogs for a while.
Through a PM he has asked me to continue this Hometown Hero build and disperse the knives as I see fit. After a conversation with Boss Dog this morning we feel it would be best if the knives are sent directly to USA Knifemakers Supply.
The mailing address is just a click away at the top of the forum. We will handle the final packaging and postage from there.
If you build a knife and have a candidate for it, please feel free to pass it on yourself and just post up what you did with it.

As always, you can contact me at anytime with questions.

Good luck to you, Bill.
We'll see you at BLADE.



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Thanks to Bill for doing a lot of the heavy lifting on this worthwhile project.

We will take it from here. When you have your build done, send it to us and we will find a great home for it with active duty, deployed military personnel.


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Well i finally completed the knife for the military build. Here is the recipient also. This is my cousin PFC Clay R. Fleming. 1-187 Delta co. 3 BCT 101ST Fort Campbell. He will be heading out for a 13 month tour in Afghanistan around Aug 15th. He was very excited to receive the knife. He and I wanted to thank everybody involved with this project and all who donated material and time. Clays mother is a civilian over there working for a contractor. She just a had a car bomber drive through the fences at her base killing one person and pretty much destroying most of the buildings. Pretty scary stuff! I had to switch out the handle material as i had a little boo boo. This is some coffee bag burlap micarta i have been wanting to try out. Pretty much a full flat grind with the edge being convex.



Josh Dabney

GREAT job Doug !!!

Way to follow through buddy. Glad to see knives still trickling out of this build for our brave men and women in uniform !

Love the burlap too... good choice



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Way to go D. that looks really good,and the pearson holding it looks super happy.
Tell him luck and stay out of harms way down range!!!

HHH Knives

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Doug, It was good chatting with you yesterday. The knife looks great, and its nice to see it going to a family member..

God Bless him and keep him safe!

Jim Coffee

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finally finished

Here is my knife build. It also is going to a soldier at Ft. Cambell. srgt Jason Francis and he will be deployed around August. Jason is the brother of a really good customer of mine and this will be his 3rd tour in afganistan and said he will send pictures of the knife being used down range. Hey Doug, wonder if our two soldiers know each other?.

The knife
Black and tan canvas micarta scales
stainless corby bolts
mustard and acid etched blade

still need to make the sheath but should ship it to Jason on monday.

Thanks to all suppliers and builders involved with this. Great job guy's


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Maybe Jim! Janik tried to get me to try that mustard finish but i just didnt have the time. Great looking build.

Jim Coffee

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Thanks Doug, I didnt like the way the mustard finish turned out so I etched over top of it a couple times and I'm happy with it now.

HHH Knives

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Well guys, This one is heading to the sand box on the 28th of this month. Its going to a local boy who is on his second tour. God Bless him and keep him safe!

I just finished up the sheath. and also wanted to say Thanks to my buddy Mike who helped me out on these doing the grind and attaching the handles for me. I than did final shaping and patina and made the sheath.

In total I received 3 knife blades, and this one and one more have been completed and given to Soldiers. The third is almost done and as soon as I find a home for it, I will finish it out and send it off as well. Thanks KD and all who contributed and helped out, Im honored to be part of a community of makers and people who still care and put there time and money where there mouth is! Making a difference one knife at a time!!

God Bless our troops!