Tsunami Suji

HHH Knives

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Hello and good day!

I finally got the handles attached and shaped out on this Suji! I gota say, Im super happy with the handle combination and the way this one came together!

Next, the pins are being engraved with a Tsunami wave symbol. More Pictures to come!

Here are the specs.

OAL 454mm, 17 7/8"
Blade, 300mm Tsunami pattern damascus 1080 and 15n20
Heel height, 47mm
Spine thickness, 2.5mm fileworked.
Handle Western/Wa construction, hippo ivory and stabilized birch. Stainless and mosaic pins. aprox 138mm

Thanks for looking Comments and critiques welcomed.

john smith

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I agree with wade a work of ART.
Great combination of materals, I really like the mosaic pins did you make them.
Very nice touch.

HHH Knives

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Good morning guys! Thanks much for the comments and complement on the slicer. This one was a challenge. and had a mind of its own.

I must of changed handle materials 3 times till it was finally happy! Im glad I listened!! As I am very pleased with the outcome!!

God Bless

HHH Knives

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Thanks guys. This one also comes with a walnut presentation box. and should be ready for final pictures tomorrow! :)

Doug really mailed the engraving and is a pleasure to work with.. I highly recommend him!